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10 Questions With...

Olivia Chrzanowski
Jr. | Volleyball

1. What is the best part about being a Griff?
Being apart of something big is an awesome feeling. The rivalry we have with Niagara is a big deal and it’s awesome to go support all the athletic teams here, especially during the games against the Purple Eagles

2. Why did you choose to attend Canisius?
I felt so much more comfortable at Canisius compared to all the other schools I visited. It is definitely my second home away from home back in Ohio. Such a great community and I love everyone that I’ve met and became great friends with!

3. What is one interesting thing that someone may not know about you?
I am bilingual; I am 100% Polish, it was my first language and I am still fluent

4. Who is your favorite athlete?
My favorite athletes are Misty May and Kerri Walsh, dynamic duo

5. Do you have a nickname? If so what’s the story behind it?
I have many nicknames: Livvy hello hello, Olive, Livvy, Livskers, Liv, LivDawg (by my mom, dad, and brother), LivStrong, LivChrzy = LivCrazy... and the list goes on.

6. What are three words that you’d use to describe yourself?
Outgoing, Sarcasticly-funny, Crazy (hence the nickname LivChrzy = LivCrazy)

7. What is your favorite T.V. show? What was your favorite T.V. show as a kid?
Criminal Minds and Friends will always be my favorite tv shows. As a kid, my favorite show was Full House.

8. If you weren’t playing volleyball, what sport would you be playing?
I would be figure skating or playing tennis. I used to be a figure skater, and I’ve always played tennis with my family.  I’m also an awesome ping-pong player (if that’s considered a sport). I’ve been playing for years especially with my brother in our basement so it’s a big deal in our house.

9. What is your pregame ritual, routine or superstition?
Usually I’m the type of person to shower the night before because I love sleeping so it’s hard for me to get up to get myself to shower in the mornings. On game days though, I always shower in the morning before we go to breakfast as a team. I also use the same hair ties for every game.

10. What is your favorite quote or phrase?
“Memories are photographs taken by the heart, and treasured deep within the soul.”





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