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Q & A Spotlight with Adam Jones
Men's Lacrosse • 2007-11
B.S. in Communication '11

How do you feel that your experiences as a student-athlete at the University at Buffalo prepared you for life after college?

The late 60's was a tumultuous time with issues such as the Vietnam War, civil rights and a social revolution in music, media and cultural values causing political and social unrest in our nation. That mood was reflected at UB where a significant number of students held athletics in low regard as opposed to the ongoing political and social debate. As a student-athlete at UB, I was part of a supportive group who did not agree with this view. We believed that athletics was, and always will be, an important part of campus and alumni life. Fortunately, our view of university life has again returned to our national campuses.

But being at UB during that time, I learned the importance of defining yourself and your friends by your beliefs and values. Standing up for what you believe in, whether politically, socially or athletically, even if it is not a popular view at the time. It was a great life lesson to learn at a young age, and it has served me well in the years after UB.

What does your connection with the BLOCK B Letter Winners Association mean to you?

The efforts of BLOCK B have afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with college friends and appreciate how very important those college friendships are. Friends I thought I would never see again are, once again, part of my life and not just at BLOCK B events.

As a BLOCK B member, what would you suggest/recommend to other former student-athletes who have yet to join this elite group of supporters?

I suggest that all student/athletes from UB take advantage of this immense opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. BLOCK B makes it easy to regain friendships from the past and make new ones for the future with people who all share UB athletics in common.

What was your most memorable moment/event as a UB student-athlete?

I guess I will never forget football games in the mud and rain at the old Rotary Field. What a mess but one that never dampened the day!!


Where is Adam Jones Today?

Diane McMahon began her legal career as a Partner in the Corporate/Finance Group at Hodgson Russ LLP. She left Hodgson Russ after 13 years to direct startup operations at a plastics technology manufacturer and subsequently became a Partner in Stovroff & Herman Real Estate Corp. She also directed startup operations of an internet services company and managed 2200 seats of 24x7 call center operations including project management of the development, staffing and initial operations of one 600 seat call center. In 2001, Ms. McMahon returned to private practice establishing a solo practice representing business clients in various commercial and financing transactions with a primary focus on early stage and entrepreneurial, technology based enterprises. She is currently a Trustee of The New York Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) and previously served as a Director at the Bar Association of Erie County, Kaleida Health, Millard Fillmore Hospitals, Buffalo Niagara Partnership, and other community based organizations.