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Campus Chronicles with Ben Parker & Braeden Rigney

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 10/09/2012
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The exhibition game on Sunday not only marks the beginning of our game schedule but also the end of preseason. Although none of the players will argue about their excitement to get the regular season underway, the boys were pretty disappointed with how our exhibition game against the University of Ottawa turned out.

Aside from the disappointing result in the exhibition game - which does not count toward our overall record - it gave our freshman a chance to get their feet wet and experience a college game for the first time. It also gave the returning players a chance to get comfortable with their new linemates and have one last chance to get rid of any lingering summer habits.

We have a quick turn around this week as we leave for Alaska on Wednesday so the disappointing defeat cannot linger in our heads as we need to be sharp against our two opponents this weekend. This is a trip I have been looking forward to and I know a lot of my teammates are the same way. I have never been this far north and to have the chance to play both Alaskan teams in the city of Anchorage is very exciting. It also gives us a chance to see how our squad can take what we learned in the exhibition game and translate that into a great effort on both Friday and Saturday night.

On a more positive note, all the Canadian boys got a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving as Coach Smith once again invited the team to his house for an early dinner. With a large portion of our team from Canada, it is always nice to be able to celebrate our Thanksgiving and all of us appreciate the hospitality shown by Coach Smith and Mrs. Smith.

The dinner was capped off by two events; the first was a team race where each player had to extract three gummy worms from a plate that was covered in whipped cream. For some players, it was not the most appealing contest - including Ryan Bohrer, as whipped cream does not fit into his stellar diet. None-the-less, everyone participated and enjoyed themselves as this will probably be our last chance to have a team-building exercise of this nature before the season gets underway.

The night ended with freshman Adam Harris showing off his talents with the guitar as all the boys sat around Coach Smith's kitchen in order to catch a glimpse of the performance. I had heard Adam was pretty impressive with a guitar but to finally see it first-hand, I can now also vouch for Adam's musical capabilities.

The last big event that took place was the lemon Griff. Similar to last year, every few weeks we participate in a shootout with the loser having to eat a lemon and also wear a yellow helmet until the next lemon Griff. Braeden Rigney was the first winner/loser of this year, depending on how you look at it, which was a great sigh of relief for the other players as they were all relieved to escape with no damage done.

Thank you again for all of your support, until next week Keep it Simple,
Ben Parker and Braeden Rigney.

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