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Campus Chronicles with Ben Parker & Braeden Rigney

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 12/06/2012
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Even though exams make everyone on the team a little more uptight, the success we had last weekend has definitely caused a boost in team moral. UConn is a team we have had some troubles with in the past - the best example of this would be losing two straight to them in playoffs last year. Because of this, they had our full attention last weekend and we knew that those were four big points that would put us into a great position as the Christmas break approaches.

Although it was not our best performances of the season, we were still able to sweep the weekend mostly due to the stellar performance of our goalie Tony. In my four years here, it is very rare that we have been able to win games when our performance was sub-par and it was a great feeling to know that our team is capable of winning even when we are not at our best. Logan Roe also got his first collegiate goal this weekend which is always a great feeling to get that out of the way as most people will agree that scoring in college is no easy task.

We are now in our final week of classes and the break in our game schedule has given us the chance to focus on our upcoming exams. It's a week that everyone dreads during the school year but it also caps off a long semester and is followed by a much needed month break from classes.

The Christmas break gives the boys a chance to polish up their video game skills and catch up on some sleep as naps become a daily occurrence. The video game of choice for the team is Call of Duty and competition peaks during the Christmas break as each house logs a significant amount of hours in order to out-do the other houses as well as each other.

This weekend also features another exciting event that most players mark on their calendars from the time we arrive in the fall which is our annual Christmas party. This event entails a strict dress code of unique Christmas sweaters and also includes a Secret Santa gift exchange. The gift exchange is something I personally look forward to every year as the gifts often make for a good laugh. It is all in good fun though and includes harmless and normally cheap items as we are all on a college budget and must ration our funds accordingly.

Christmas is also fast approaching and this is very exciting for the players that have homes far away from Canisius as this is the first chance many of them have to see their families since arriving to school in the fall. I know it's a time that I look forward to as I am able to stay home for about a week to spend some quality time with family and friends and I always come back very excited to begin the second half of our hockey season.

Until next week, keep it simple,
Ben Parker and Braeden Rigney

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