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Campus Chronicles with Ben Parker & Braeden Rigney

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 12/17/2012
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Final exam week is by far the most hated time of the year for all of us. Usually a week of no practice would mean an extremely light week, in terms of work load that is. However, with final exams comes late nights, cramming the last bit of information into our skulls that we think might be helpful on that exam. I always try to think how nice it will feel when this week is finally over but it really just seems like this week will never end.

There is one Griff that loves this time of year: Doug Jessey. He loves to show teachers just how much he has learned over the course of the semester, which has resulted in him earning the popular nickname "teacher's pet." There was a time last year that Doug would throw a temper tantrum over this nickname, however, those days appear to have passed. Seriously though, Doug holds down a pretty high GPA so being called a teacher's pet is just a way to get under his skin.

With Christmas coming soon, I thought it would be a good idea to give a little insight on what presents I would give several players if I was Santa.

Ralph Cuddemi & Chris Rumble: Since they do everything together I think that a gift card to Olive Garden would be nice to help pay for date nights. I don't know who usually foots the bill but this would for sure help.

Logan Roe: He's from Florida and loves to spend time on the beach, so naturally a new Speedo to wear that would minimize tan lines would be perfect.

Matthew Grazen: He loves to tan so the only gift I could see that would suit him is a one month membership to a local tanning salon.

Tyler Wiseman: His roommates tell me that he's always on Skype, so an updated version would definitely be of use to him.

Matt Backhouse: Matt is the Griff who lives closest to the Arctic Circle in Thompson, Manitoba. I think something to fend off Polar Bears and maybe a new Parka would be great for him.

I'm sure they're happy I'm not Santa.

Anyways, writing this chronicle has been a nice break from studying but I should really get back to it. There's only so many hours in a day.

Until next week, keep it simple
Braeden Rigney and Ben Parker

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