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Campus Chronicles with Chris Rumble

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 10/17/2013
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“Griffs drop season-opener to Niagara after strong start.”

You might have read something like this over the course of the last few days – we certainly have. Our first regular season game started out exactly how you would draw it up on the whiteboard. We were up 4-1 when the game started to shift. The rest is history and we will learn from our complacency.

We now have 10 days until our first road trip. On Thursday, the 23rd, we will board a flight to Denver, Colo. for a series of games against the Air Force Academy and the University of Denver. The trip is always marked on everyone’s calendar because of how unique the experience is – the scenery, the school, the rink, etc.

After watching video of last weekend’s game, it’s been very obvious what we need to enhance in our game. Those necessities have been the focal point of practice so far this week. The competition level on the ice has been at an all-time high.

Lets get away from the hockey talk for the rest of this entry before I put everyone to sleep. Our great friends from the North invited us to celebrate their favorite holiday on Monday- Canadian Thanksgiving. Each year, Coach Smith has the team over for a nice home-cooked meal. However, the food never comes free.

This year, upon arrival, we saw a karaoke machine patiently waiting in the corner. There were two microphones attached on either side, meaning one thing- Duets. Guys paired off into teams and chose a song to sing. Lets check out the power rankings:

Worst Chemistry- Frisch 508 4Lyfe (Ralph Cuddemi & Stephen Miller) sang “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.  If you heard these two sing together you would never guess they spent a year living in the same room- one was hitting the high note while the other was hitting the low note, etc.

The guys that gave everyone a headache- Freshmen (Kielich, Fortman & Hidi). Just bad. I literally can’t even remember what song they sang because I was plugging my ears.

Best Group- Seniors (McKellar, Gibbons, Danford, Bohrer, Law, Capo & Sully) The combination of Ryan’s vocal cords and Capo’s silky moves made for a good performance. They sang a Pitbull song, so obviously Taylor Law picked up the quick-paced solo for the group.

MVP- J. Stylez (Adam Harris) Harry brought his guitar over to the house and showed off a few new songs that he learned during the summer. The crowd favorite was ‘Stubborn Love,’ by The Lumineers. He had the whole place chanting MVP.

That’s another week in the books for us. No games this weekend for the Griffs. Thanks for reading and the support. Until next week:

Keep your stick on the ice,
Chris Rumble

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