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Campus Chronicles with Alexis Roskovich

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 02/25/2014
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“Griffs fly together,” senior Stephanie Schmalz said it as we boarded the plan to UNC and as funny as it sounds it’s true. Our game against UNC didn’t go as we had planned, but it was another great learning experience to be able to play No. 1 before we get into conference play.

Coming off of our trip we learned a few important things:

1) February in North Carolina doesn’t mean snow boots and parkas like it does in Buffalo, it means shorts and t-shirts to practice, sunglasses at lunch and for our more pale teammates: sunscreen!

2) TSA prefers it when flyers have proof of id more valid than a copied birth certificate and social security card…cough cough, Sami Franco.

3) If you have the right flight attendant and ask in just the right way you can score an entire case of pretzels to share.

4) Other passengers LOVE photo bombing team pictures and the occasional selfie.

5) It is now socially acceptable to get on the loud speaker in every aircraft …Tori Greco

6) DO NOT leave your phone, tablet or computer unattended with one of your teammates because it will lead to less than flattering tweets, Facebook status and Instagram posts.

7) Whoever the entrepreneur is who brings Chick-fil-a to Buffalo will make a fortune from CCWLAX alone …especially coach Teeter who thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate-chip cookie sundae.

8) The Baltimore airport not only has an Auntie Anne’s that gives out samples near closing time, but also has a Chipotle and a Starbucks …all of which kept us fueled during our layover at BWI.

9) We have the best support system around, our cheering section blew UNC’s away. We had parents, grandparents, friends and alumni travel to our game from Ohio, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, and North Carolina. Thank you to everyone that made an appearance and those who were cheering from home! We were even lucky enough to add a few people to our traveling roster including my dad, Caroline Ogden’s dad and Maria and Gabe Kotas’ dad who all joined us on our various flights to and from North Carolina.

It was great to take in the warm weather for a few days and being off campus was refreshing for all of us.  This week is all about putting in the hours in the classroom and on the field. We are getting caught up on school work -- or at least trying to. Our three hour library session last night was not as productive as planned for some of us. In addition we are fine tuning aspects of our game against Colgate on Tuesday and our home opener against Ohio State on Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Just Keep Re’Laxing

Alexis Roskovich

“Where there is a negative there is always a positive. Where there is a dark cloud, there is always a sun shining behind it.” – The Energy Bus

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