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Sophomore Alexis Roskovich

Campus Chronicles with Alexis Roskovich

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 04/22/2014
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Game days are filled with excitement and anticipation. For our 11 a.m. game against Monmouth this past Saturday we started filing into the locker room a little before nine. Our pregame in the locker room is something special. Our dance-offs and coach’s inspiring speeches are often talked about and posted to various Snapchat stories, but we tend to leave out the elaborate measures we take when it comes to our hair. A popular option when it comes to game day hair styles is the braid. Braids vary from the standard pony braid to the elaborate upside-down French braid. We have two experienced braiders on staff: veteran Taylor Smith and her prodigy Sami Franco. Between the two of them all of our heads are covered.

Every hair style is unique to the player and carries some significance, here are a few standouts: (To see the mentioned hair styles look at the this week’s photo album)

Tori Greco: I call it the Dino Braid (short for dinosaur). Taylor Smith has been doing it for me since sophomore year, and I rarely play without it.  

Alexis Roskovich- I am very indecisive so my stylist (Sami Franco) and I switch things up game-to-game. This week’s was one of my favorites with three French braids leading into a fish tail. I think it will be making another appearance come MAAC’s.

Steph Schmalz: I like the half braid, half pony. You get the intensity of the braid with the flow of the pony tail. It’s a good balance.

Caroline Ogden: I wear the same style every game for good luck. The French braid I wore my freshman year and I added the pony braid onto it this year.

Sami Franco: I wear my hair in a two-feet long straight ponytail, because of its length I distract the girl I face guard by whipping my hair back a forth. Plus it’s too long to do anything else to.

Taylor Giglio: I wear some type of braid in my hair every game, each season I wear a different type but then it stays the same style for that whole season. I wear a Little Mermaid scrunchie in my hair in honor of my best friend Whitney who was in a severe car accident and is on the road to recovery so hopefully she can return to school soon and play lacrosse again some day.

Casey Depauw: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Gabby Kotas and Ashley Bull for their dedication, perseverance and tenacity in doing my hair this season to ensure I perform at my greatest potential on the field.

Ashley Bull: I call this the flaming arrow (due to my red hair… if you didn’t catch on).  It has served me well. As they say: look good, feel good, play good.

Kayla Scully: Scully was unavailable for comment but, she wears a bandana to every practice and has a variety for all occasions including a special game day collection. It takes a special individual to pull off the bandana but Scully does a great job 

After we have brushed out all knots and the final hair tie is in place it’s time for business. We took the field at 10:15 for our warm-up, and from the first whistle on it was go time. We strung together a full 60-minute game, clinching a spot in the MAAC Tournament in two weeks.

The Easter bunny made two appearances at the KAC this week sending us on a chocolate egg hunt with the help of our assistant coaches and came back to leave us amazing Easter baskets after our game with the help of Mrs. Cuddy! Everyone was able to enjoy the off day on Easter Sunday whether it was with their own family or a teammate’s! We hope you enjoyed the holiday as well!

Just Keep Re’Laxing

Alexis Roskovich

This week we wore yellow ribbons in our shoes in honor of Whitney Corby, an Albany lacrosse player who played with many of us and was in a severe accident over Christmas break. Whitney is an inspiration to all of us as she is on her road to recovery; any prayers you could offer in support would mean a lot.

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