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Campus Chronicles with Andrew Loewen

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 03/05/2008
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The week of February 24 March 1
Sunday is our day of rest (and clean up house day)! This is a very important day as it is required by the NCAA rules and regulations to have one day off for every week of competition. It is also very important because it is an opportunity for the Griffs to take advantage of the day off to work on the homework that has piled up. This Sunday in particular was also a day to celebrate my birthday. I went out with some of my family to the restaurant Hutch’s. Hutch’s not only had one of my favorite drinks, a Caesar, but also had some of the best food that I have tasted in Buffalo.

Monday I had an exam followed by a quiz. What a fun school day! On top of this was practice, which included a lot of skating and making smart “hockey plays” at top speed.

Tuesday presented itself as another day where the Griffs were not going to let up in practice. Once practice was completed, it was clear that this week would continue with the sense of forced, good work ethic throughout the week.

Wednesday saw the trend of hard work in practice continue, but also saw another trend emerge. This was the trend of watching video before practice everyday. The Griffs watched not only video of the weekend’s opponent, Mercyhurst and not only of themselves from the previous weekend’s match-up with Air Force, but also NHL clips showing good work ethic. This was great because that evening Scott Follett (Griff #8) invited me to the Sabres game, which saw them playing the Nashville Predators. This provided another chance to learn what it takes to play at the next level. It was also the first game after the NHL trade deadline which saw newly acquired power forward Steve Bernier score two goals and add an assist being the first star in his first game in Buffalo.

Thursday was the final preparation before the final regular season games. The trends continued, and the Griffs wondered if the amount of work throughout the week was good preparation, or energy draining for the weekend’s games.

On Friday, the Griffs won a close, physical match, 5-3, at home in front of 800 people. The loss provided Mercyhurst with a fifth-place finish in Atlantic Hockey. The win also meant that the Griffs controlled whether they would travel to Mercyhurst for the first round of playoffs, or travel all the way to Colorado to play Air Force.

Saturday was the final regular season game for the Griffs. Destiny for us facing Mercyhurst the following weekend was realized as the game ended in a 5-5 tie and the Griffs finished sixth overall in Atlantic Hockey. The success the Griffs had against Mercyhurst gave us a sense of confidence against our first round opponents and also proves that the hard work during the week was worth it! Have a good night.

Take care,

Andrew Loewen, Griff #1

Did You Know...

  • Sophomore Carl Hudson, born and raised in northern Ontario, was an avid hunter and fisherman, and at the age of seven, caught a Sturgeon that was bigger than him? Did you also know that before most school days in junior high, he would go out hunting before the start of school usually coming home with 3-5 ducks and/or geese?
  • Coach Mike Mankowski was in the collection business before he became a coach? He has many pieces of advice as a repo man, which includes: always leaving the car door open with the keys in the car while repossessing possessions.

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