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Campus Chronicles with Andrew Loewen

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 02/20/2008
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The week of February 10 16
Sunday was different from other days. Usually it was a recovery day for the Griffs but this week, it was the second game of a home-and-home with RIT. We played a great game after a record-setting team penalty minute game the previous night and the game ended with the Griffs winning, 5-4. The game ended early which gave the Griffs a chance to go out for dinner with friends or family.

Monday was a day off for the Griffs from the rink and the weight room. Pushing back the events that normally took place by one whole day felt a little strange. Usually we would have had a practice and a lift, but Monday was used for a day off instead. It made the school day a lot easier!!!

Tuesday we were back at it, and lift was scheduled as a team directly after practice. This made it somewhat difficult for Carl Hudson (Griff #2) and me, who would have normally been finished with the usual cardio day and had time to eat and prepare for our night class where we had an exam. Fortunately, Carl and I both did quite well (better then some of the other Griffs who had taken it earlier in the day).

Wednesday was made into a cardio day. All of the lifts and practices are important, and it is important for us student athletes to get into a routine with school and lifts, but as previously mentioned, when the week’s events are pushed back by a day, it creates a totally different schedule. Due to the cardio day, it allowed many of the Griffs to make it out and watch a sneak preview of the movie Jumper. As an opinion of the movie, I recommend seeing it, but I feel that it would be better to watch it after it comes out on DVD to save a couple of bucks (it wasn’t amazing, but interesting at most with good graphics).

Thursday was a good day. My friend from home (Winnipeg, Manitoba) came out for a visit. It was great to see her and to have her support as I had been frustrated with the drawbacks of my ankle.

Friday was the day before our home games against Holy Cross. Once again it was weird without having to prepare for a game on a school day. Instead of the usual Friday night game, my friend and I went to Niagara Falls to experience the sights. I hadn’t realized how much of a carnival it was and all of the activities that Niagara Falls, Canada had to offer!

Saturday was first game against Holy Cross, and the Griffs were hoping to have a successful weekend to gain some ground in order to snatch a home playoff spot. Unfortunately the first game didn’t go as planned and the Griffs were unable to generate enough offense losing, 3-2. It is time to focus ahead for tomorrow’s game as it is basically a must win to allow a chance at home ice advantage for the playoffs.

Take care,

Andrew Loewen, Griff #1

Did You Know...
  • Freshman Eric Rex is an avid golfer having played all throughout the US including both South and North Carolina? He is an eight handicap. Can you say dual sport Canisius athlete?
  • Freshman Brandon Cummings turned 21 while still playing junior hockey last year? Did you also know that the NCAA rules and regulations required him to have started his university degree, and thus in his first semester at Canisius, he was required to take eight full classes to remain eligible to continue playing hockey?

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