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Campus Chronicles with Andrew Loewen

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 02/06/2008
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The week of January 27 February 2
There were no NFL games on Sunday so the Griffs were able to get back to watching good ol’ hockey. Besides, it was also a day to catch up on some sleep after coming back from Merrimack, the Griffs last overnight road trip of the year.

It was back to classes on Monday. This semester has already been much less demanding for the Griffs because there are fewer hockey trips. Success as a student is more possible this semester. Practice was hard work, along with a difficult work-out, but this was easily overcome with knowledge of Tuesday being a day away from the rink.

Tuesday was filled with a team meeting instead of practice. The meeting consisted of some team system review and we also attempted to define our team and how we play. During the meeting we also shared positive characteristics of each teammate and their importance to the team. If it is possible to picture a hockey team in this situation, it was full of emotion.

Wednesday was the perfect day!!! With the exception of the lack of sleeping due to the hurricane outside each Griffs’ window during the night, many classes were canceled. The power went out at the Koessler Athletic Center and in many of the other Canisius buildings. Work out was canceled due to the power failure, but practice at the Buff State Sports Arena was still held.

Thursday was also a fairly relaxing day. It was my first day of officially having no classes on Thursday. The opportunity of sleeping in every Tuesday and Thursday has helped me realize the importance of time management for this second semester. It is amazing to understand that when you are not traveling every weekend and have more time to do things, you end up wasting more of your time on unimportant time-consuming activities, such as video games and TV.

The weekend was upon us and it was our first home game back at Buffalo State Arena after being on the road and playing at the Pepsi Center the previous four weekends. The Griffs were playing Sacred Heart and the first game did not go as planned. The Griffs lost, 7-3. It was ugly and once again we would be put to the test in an attempt to save our weekend. We came through Saturday night grinding out a win against our talented opponent. It was a hard fought battle which saw us end out on top. Unfortunately both senior Dave Kasch (Griff # 25) and I did not finish the game due to injuries. We are both looking forward to a quick return.

Good night.

Take care,

Andrew Loewen, Griff #1

Did You Know ...
  • Freshman Pat Kenney graduated from the same prep school as John F. Kennedy? The school’s name is Choate Rosemary Hall?
  • Senior and captain of the Griffs Greg Brown is a devoted Buffalo Bills fan and has had season tickets for the past 10 years? On the contrary Greg is also the uncontested American idol video game singing champion of the Griffs?

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