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Campus Chronicles with Andrew Loewen

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 01/02/2008
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The Week of December 23 29
The week started in Winnipeg and ended with me in Buffalo. It was Christmas and because I still believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas, I was rewarded by Santa.

Christmas was great. I was able to spend the 23rd with my dad’s side of the family and the 25th with my mom’s side. It was a little different this year because my Granddad had passed away almost two months prior leaving a different type of celebration this year. However, as I previously stated, Santa was nice and I racked in the perfect gift, a docking system for my iPod!! How sweet!

Besides presents, the highlight of Christmas day was eating all of the baking that my mom had done. It was great to be at home and to see all of my family.

The 26th arrived and it was time to head back to Griffville. It was a day of travel, and after departing Winnipeg at 3:30 p.m. and landing at 6:20 p.m. in Toronto, it was looking like a good day of travel. Unfortunately, the airport did not have a gate for us, and by the time we were in the terminal I discovered my checked bag with my clothes and Christmas presents were nowhere to be found. After the baggage personnel took down all of my information, I hopped in a taxi with Griff #25 Dave Kasch. Once again the travel plans went astray as the cab driver overcharged us by $20 (and I thought it was the holidays). Finally Dave and I were on the road and we headed toward the border. Dave, being a senior required new paperwork for school, and therefore we had to go in and wait for him to sign the appropriate papers. What a long day, but I did finally make it home and in my own bed!!!

The Griffs were reunited after the 10-day holiday on Thursday. For the most part, we spent the day volunteering for the junior hockey tournament that our team was hosting. I lucked out and was selected to work the music in between plays and it was surprisingly fun. The Griffs hit the ice for their first post-holiday practice that night and it showed. We weren’t particularly bad, but we definitely weren’t good. It almost seemed like we had been off the ice for 10 days.

Friday and Saturday saw much of the same events. The tournament was still on and we were still practicing in the evening. It was good to be back, but I still had not received my bag from the airport and am still wondering if it will show up.

Tomorrow we have a big game against our biggest rival Niagara for the Battle of the Bridge. It is sleep time, but it is nice to continue enlightening everyone on the excitement that occurs in a student athlete’s life!!! Good night.

Take care,

Andrew Loewen (Griff #1)

Did You Know ...
  • Freshman Taylor Anderson felt right at home with all of the traveling that the Griffs did in the first half of the season because he has lived in 10 different states and attended four different high schools?
  • Sophomore Ryan Klusendorf’s junior team won a division championship by beating the team that roommate/teammate Jason Weeks was on in the fifth and final game of the series?

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