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Campus Chronicles with Andrew Loewen

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 12/20/2007
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The Week of December 9 15
The Griffs were coming off of a decent weekend, tying the top team in our conference, Air Force, two nights in a row but the week that was ahead was not going to be easy for the Griffs.

It started on Sunday with a long day of traveling. We woke up at the hotel Sunday morning at 7 a.m., ate breakfast, and packed our clothes in time to leave for the airport at 7:45 a.m. ... or so we thought. Unfortunately the bus driver was not at the hotel, and the bus company could not locate him. We waited for nearly an hour and a half for another bus, losing valuable study and sleep time. By the time the bus showed up, Colorado’s roads were extremely slippery and the bus was unable to climb the hill that our hotel was perched on. The Griffs had to lug all of their equipment down the hill to meet the bus and finally we were off, and hoping to make our plane on time. The rest of the travels went without a hitch besides the de-icing of each plane prior to takeoff. By the time our adventure was completed it was 9:30 p.m. in Buffalo and many Griffs, including myself had an exam the following day.

The rest of the week was quite possibly one of the more stressful weeks that I have had at Canisius. My week encompassed four exams, one presentation and one paper. Many of the other Griffs had very similar schedules for the week. Included with all of our scholastic requirements were the expectations of attending a workout and a practice every day. It was a great opportunity to get better before the Christmas break, but the Griffs were attempting to juggle workouts, practices and exams the whole week. As previously stated, this made the week overly stressful.

Saturday finally arrived, and exams are now complete. Overall, everything went all right, but it will take until next week to find out any results. I finished my last exam on Thursday and could have flown home to Winnipeg for Christmas on Friday, but we had practices scheduled on both Friday and Saturday. I am now on the plane following practice and a ride to Toronto from Dave Kasch (Griff # 25). I am looking forward to seeing all of my family and friends over Christmas. Anyways, I am signing out for another week, I wish everyone happy holiday’s and look forward to enlightening everyone again in a couple of weeks.

Take care,

Andrew Loewen (Griff #1)

Did You Know ...
  • Senior David Kasch was the Ontario Champion for Cross Country skiing at the young age of 13, yet chose hockey as his number one sport.
  • Sophomore Vincent Amigone’s family owns a funeral home. Coincidently his last name represents his business, Am-I-Gone. Once, Vincent drove the hearse during the funeral for Rick James, music artist of the song Superfreak.

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