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Campus Chronicles with Chris Forsman

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 09/09/2009
Chris Forsman
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Welcome hockey fans to another exciting season of Griffs Hockey! Ben Parker, Preston Shupe, Torrey Lindsay, Steve Shafer, Chris Barrea, B.J. Adams, Scott Gray and Sean Schmidt - who are these guys? They are all new members of the Griffin Hockey program - players, coaches and staff.

I know everyone has been waiting for the much anticipated return of the chronicle and for you avid readers out there wondering who the new author is, it is myself - Chris Forsman, the pride of Powell River, British Columbia, also known as the rock or Alcatraz. For those of you wondering what that means, maybe you have to Google it or I will explain in a later edition.

Unlike past Canadian authors of the chronicle, Andrew Loewen and Pete MacDougall, I come from the best part of Canada, not the barren prairies, where you can watch your dog run away for days - something Pete has actually done. And the only thing Andrew has to look forward to in Winnipeg is the return of Adam "Pacman" Jones to football. Enough said about Winnipeg.

Enough about us old guys on the hockey team. With the new school year, there are several new faces to the Golden Griffin program. The new players are Ben Parker, Preston Shupe, Torrey Lindsay, Steve Shafer, and Chris Barrea. The new assistant coaches are B.J. Adams and Scott Gray and our new equipment manager is Sean Schmidt. Welcome to Canisius College!

The new faces were given a warm welcome the first week of school with the ever-popular Ironman Competition. Last week was fitness testing for the Ice Griffs. For myself, coming off of a redshirt year, it was a little bit exciting to be back in the gym - and after getting directions to the gym from Coach Rowan - my excitement faded within minutes of starting the beep test. This portion of the year is probably the most challenging parts of the season because all we want to do is get on the ice and play, but due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to skate as much as we would like. So we do the best we can off the ice, with hours in the weight room and in the gym running.

This month before the season feels like the longest of the year, counting down the days until the season. A unique aspect of our training in this portion of the year is that when we do get to go on the ice, it is not as a team, but instead in groups of four for a half hour. We get to do this three times a week, which is a welcome break from the gym. This only lasts for a month and then the season starts in early October.

Having said that, this is one of the most grueling times of the year but at the same time it is nice because it gives everyone a chance to get to know the new faces in the program. With the nice weather we can do some things as a team that we do not usually get a chance to do during the cold winter months here in Buffalo. In our down time, we get to golf - always a popular past time among hockey players - and there are several avid golfers on our team. So that is one of the perks to this time of the year. Speaking of which, that is where myself and a few teammates are headed right now.

Until next time, this is Chris Forsman over and out..... wait a minute, who says something lame like "over and out" - are you talking over a radio? (Pete MacDougall). Well until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

Chris Forsman, #4

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