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Campus Chronicles with Chris Forsman

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 09/22/2009
Junior Chris Forsman
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Another week has come and gone at Canisius, bringing the hockey team one week closer to the start of the season. On this last day of summer most of us are left wondering where it went. For most of the team, it was spent working at a summer job and long hours in the gym.

The Griffs displayed many of their hidden talents, most doing manual labor jobs, ranging from construction workers or landscapers, tiling, flooring, office internships, roller hockey referee and babysitters just to name a few. For me, working at Myrtle Point Golf Club in Powell River was probably the best of them all - anyone who has seen Bill Murray in the movie Caddyshack knows that working on a golf course is no easy task.

Some of the more interesting jobs by some of the boys are as follows: Dave Cianfrini (Yoga instructor), Torrey Lindsay (Gap Kids Model), Wes Love (NASA intern), Scott Jenks (Shopping Cart Wrangler), Preston Shupe (Medieval War Reenactor) and finally the job with the best hours working only weekends is Steve Shafer, Phil Rauch plus lead singer, guitarist and former Griff Spencer Churchill (Rush Tribute Band).

Although I liked my summer job, I speak for all the guys when I say a bad day at the rink definitely beats a good day at work. Now with summer in the rear-view mirror this brings us into the fall and winter seasons, but most importantly hockey season is just around the corner.

Most hockey players are creatures of habit, and once again this week, the hockey team participated in the usual activities of on-ice scrimmages and conditioning skates, along with the off-ice lifting and running. This weekend was unique as we volunteered and provided assistance for the Alzheimer's walk around Delaware Park. It is a great event and we help out every year.

Adding to our busy Saturday was the volleyball Athletes for Athletes game. The hockey team was out in full force to witness the Griffs defeat Iona in convincing fashion. After a busy day many guys spent Saturday afternoon relaxing and watching college football. Others went golfing and believe it or not, some guys did homework.

Sunday morning was an exciting time for former Griff Kyle Bushee and me because it was the start of the hockey season for the Bantam Minor Cazenovia Chiefs. Andrew Loewen and I have helped coach the team for the past three years with Kyle assisting when he isn't off playing for the Johnstown Chiefs. Many of the guys on the team volunteer at youth hockey organizations around the Buffalo area and it is something we enjoy doing, especially when our teams play each other, which has been known to happen from time to time.

In the next installment of the Chronicle we will be talking about our upcoming week of ROTC training, culminating with an exciting battle of paintball on Saturday. Hopefully there will be no casualties. I would love to tell you eager readers where the event is taking place but that information is classified. Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

Chris Forsman, #4

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