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Campus Chronicles with Chris Forsman

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 10/06/2009
Chris Forsman
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Well folks, the season is almost here. The Griffs' first weekend series is this Friday and Saturday against the Ferris State Bulldogs. Before getting to this point, the hockey team finished up its preseason training, which started way back in late August.

Last week, the team completed its last round of conditioning skates and early morning runs. Now we are just one short week away before our first games. It seemed like such a long time ago when we started in August and it is hard to believe that it is already October. Five weeks of tough and grueling training has come and gone and we are at the start of another exciting season. With championship aspirations in mind, we start on Friday.

Before getting ahead of ourselves, the last activity of the preseason was the Blue and Gold game this past Sunday. It was a fast-paced event with lots of goal scoring. I think the final tally was Team Gold 12, Team Blue 4, including shootout goals.

The team was broken up into two different squads with roughly two lines on each team. To be honest, the blue team may have been out-coached by our fresh, new-faced assistant coach B.J. Adams. While crafty old veteran coach Dave Smith tried to pull out all the stops, he came up a little short in the end. It was the classic battle between the defensive-minded coach (B.J.) against the offensive strategist (Dave Smith). Defense won out this year, but Coach Smith will be back next year to lead the blue team.

Now after that recap of the game, this leads us into one of the more confusing aspects of the Griffin Hockey Program. Of the four coaches on the staff, two are named Dave Smith. Now if you can follow, we have head coach Dave Smith and assistant volunteer coach Dave Smith, also known as DSS or Dave Smith Skills. DSS is responsible for most of our skills development during practice. He runs numerous drills that involve skating, shooting and puck handling.

Now just to clarify and see if we are all following along, we have head coach Dave Smith and assistant volunteer coach Dave Smith or DSS. There you go - hopefully one of the more complex systems of the Griffin Program has been clarified. If all else fails and you are in the same room as both and can't remember which one is which, remember DSS is the one with the sick flow.

All kidding aside, the start of the season is an interesting time in college hockey because teams only have one short week of full practice before the real games start. This is something that all teams have to deal with, and hopefully we are as prepared as we can be just a week before the season. The Griffs have a big weekend coming up against a very strong opponent from the CCHA. This will be a tough test for us, and we will see where the Griffs measure up at the starting point of this 2009-10 season. Until next time keep your stick on the ice.

Chris Forsman, #4

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