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Campus Chronicles with Chris Forsman

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 11/24/2009
Chris Forsman
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The Ice Griffs are still rolling as we are coming off of a weekend sweep of American International College. That makes it 11 of our last 12 points in conference play.

Having said that, we are still in third place - even with a sweep, we did not move up in the standings - meaning that there is still a lot of work to be done to solidify our spot in the top four of the conference. The weekend went pretty well in Massachusetts with several guys setting personal and school milestones, scoring their first goals and setting school records. So it was a nice bonus for a hard weekend of work.

Things are going pretty well right now for the team. The only real area of concern after the weekend is the movie selections on the bus. The first year leaders on our team are responsible for the movies on road trips. It gives the freshmen a little responsibility but not too much since they have enough to worry about. It is a small but very important task and there were a few questionable choices this past weekend.

Now, a lot of us are not movie critics, but how Will Ferrell could accept his role in Land of the Lost is beyond me. If Mr. Ferrell is out there reading this - and I'm sure he's not - if you could please reimburse our poor freshmen for the money they spent, that would be great. It is not a lot and I'm sure you can spare it. As for Dennis Quaid in G.I. Joe - come on bud, stick to sports movies.

Of the six or seven movie selections, those were the only debatable ones so all in all, keep up the good work freshmen movie renters. Now remember readers, these movie opinions are not just mine, this is the general consensus of the whole bus. Well that concludes the movie section of this weeks chronicle and expect more from the Griffs and their movie opinions next week, since we have another lengthy road trip to West Point N.Y., to take on the Black Knights. The Thanksgiving tilt takes place this Friday and Saturday night and hopefully we can keep this little streak going against an extremely hard-working opponent.

This week in school is unique due to the Thanksgiving Break. School is only in session this Monday and Tuesday, giving the boys a welcome break before the final push to the end of the semester. It is hard to believe, but after this week there is only one more week of class and then exams. Hopefully with the break, the boys can get a head start on final projects and exams.

Another Thanksgiving is already upon us, and once again the Griffs are on the road. As for us Canadians out there, this is Turkey Day number two since the Canadian Thanksgiving was in October. Many of the boys are anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving supper at the Moser household on Wednesday in Tonawanda. On behalf of all the ice Griffs, I'd like to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving, and until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

Chris Forsman, #4

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