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Campus Chronicles with Chris Forsman

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 02/09/2010
Junior Chris Forsman
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It has been a few days since we last talked folks and since then, we have had an off weekend and a road trip to Connecticut. With our unusual week off last week, the boys had plenty of time to catch up on homework and just relax.

Some guys that live close by went home to Ontario for the weekend and others made small road trips to a few other places off the beaten trail. For example, myself, Pete and Scott made the trek to upstate New York to cheer on the St. Lawrence Saints women's hockey team. It was a nice little weekend in Canton N.Y. The women's team played well and the weather was great, just a tad chilly. With the wind chill it was around -20 Celsius - and for our American friends out there, I do not know what the conversion is off the top of my head. It was just bitterly cold.

After a relaxing weekend for the boys, we had a tough week of practice to get ready for our series against the UConn Huskies. This was a big weekend for the team, since we dropped in the standings after being idle the previous week. We needed two wins just to keep pace with the top teams in our league. Fortunately, we got the four points and we are right back in the hunt for now.

This weekend, we have a pair of games against our rivals from Erie. We are chasing Mercyhurst and we need to have our best weekend of the year if we want to stay in the top half of the league. The home-and-home series starts on Friday here in Buffalo and then we travel to Erie on Saturday night. It is always close when we play the Lakers and this weekend should be no different.

Also, this past Sunday as you know was Super Bowl Sunday, and most of the boys got together and watched the New Orleans Saints pick up their first NFL Championship. We had two TVs going. In one room we had the Colts fans and in the other we had the Saints fans. The Saints room was the more crowded of the two. We enjoyed the food supplied by the Moser family -thanks to them from all the boys. And I know Drew Brees reads the Chronicle, so on behalf of the Ice Griffs and on behalf of resident Drew Brees look-a-like, Ryan Klusendorf, congratulations New Orleans on your first Super Bowl win, and until next week, keep your stick on the ice.

Chris Forsman, #4

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