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Individual Awards
MAAC Offensive Player of the Year     MAAC Midfielder of the Year
2006 Whitney Card   2012 Megan Oosting
2012 Carly Quinn   2013 Morgan Leonard
2013 Tori Quinn   2014 Maria Kotas
2014 Tori Quinn   2015 Erica Evans
2015 Tori Quinn    2016 Erica Evans
Tori Quinn       Erica Evans
MAAC Defensive Player of the Year   MAAC Rookie of the Year
2004 Elise Crawford   2015 Erica Evans
2005 Alana Chan   2016 Tessa Chad
2010 Allison Daley      
2012 Morgan Leonard      
2013 Kayla Scully      
2014 Ashley Bull      
2016 Rebecca VanLaeken      
Ashley Bull
      Erica Evans
MAAC Coach of the Year        
2005 Scott Teeter        
2015 Scott Teeter        
2016 Scott Teeter        
Scott Teeter            

IWLCA Honors

Allison Daley
All-West/Midwest Region North-South Senior All-Star Game  

Chelsea Martinez
2011 Allison Daley (Second Team) 2009 Chelsea Martinez
2012 Megan Oosting (Second Team) 2011 Allison Daley
2013 Morgan Leonard (Second Team) 2013 Morgan Leonard
  Tori Quinn (Second Team)   Lindsey Morgan
 2014 Maria Kotas (First Team)   Scott Teeter (Head Coach)
  Tori Quinn (Second Team)  2014 Gabby Kotas
2015 Tori Quinn (First Team)   Maria Kotas
  Erica Evans (Second Team) 2015 Tori Quinn
2016 Erica Evans (First Team) 2016 Taylor Giglio

2016 All-Conference Honors
Tessa Chad
Erica Evans
Sami Franco
Taylor Giglio
Jourdan Roemer
Rebecca VanLaeken
2016 All-MAAC
Second Team
2016 All-MAAC
First Team / MAAC Tournament MVP
2016 All-MAAC
  First Team
2016 All-MAAC
First Team / All-Tournament Team
2016 MAAC All-Tournament Team 2016 All-MAAC First Team /
All-Tournament Team

All-MAAC First Team
  All-MAAC Second Team
  MAAC All-Tournament Team
1999 Kristy Grossman   2002 Kristy Grossman   2006 Whitney Card
2000 Kristy Grossman   2004 Shannon Taylor     Alana Chan
2001 Kristy Grossman   2006 Ashley Gray     Erica Nasca
2005 Whitney Card   2007 Ashley Gray   2008 Chelsea Martinez
  Alana Chan     Erica Nasca     Erica Nasca
2006 Whitney Card   2009 Marissa Brown   2009 Marissa Brown
  Alana Chan     Allison Daley     Chelsea Martinez
  Stephanie Kott     Jackie Loson   2010 Allison Daley
2008 Ashley Gray     Brett Poissant     Alison Rusak
  Chelsea Martinez     Alison Rusak   2011 Allison Daley (Tournament MVP)
  Erica Nasca   2010 Marissa Brown     Taylor Gray
  Lauren Walsh     Jackie Loson     Maria Kotas
2009 Ashley Gray   2011 Taylor Gray     Megan Oosting
  Chelsea Martinez     Maria Kotas     Theresa Walton
2010 Ashley Curtis     Jackie Loson   2012 Morgan Leonard (Tournament MVP)
  Allison Daley     Lindsey Morgan     Maria Kotas
  Megan Oosting   2012 Gabby Kotas     Lindsey Morgan
  Brett Poissant     Maria Kotas     Megan Oosting
  Alison Rusak     Tori Quinn     Carly Quinn
2011 Allison Daley    2013 Sami Franco    2013 Maria Kotas (Tournament MVP)
  Megan Oosting    2014 Meghan Cuddy     Ashley Bull
  Carly Quinn     Taylor Giglio     Meghan Cuddy
2012 Morgan Leonard     Sami Franco     Morgan Leonard
  Lindsey Morgan    2015  Sami Franco     Brenna Murray
  Megan Oosting      Taylor Giglio    2014 Maria Kotas (Tournament MVP)
  Carly Quinn   2016 Tessa Chad     Meghan Cuddy
2013 Ashley Bull           Taylor Giglio
  Maria Kotas           Ashley Heisler
  Morgan Leonard           Tori Quinn
  Lindsey Morgan         2015 Tori Quinn
  Tori Quinn           Taylor Giglio
  Kayla Scully           Kayla Scully
2014 Ashley Bull         2016 Erica Evans
  Gabby Kotas           Sami Franco
  Maria Kotas           Taylor Giglio
  Tori Quinn           Jourdan Roemer
2015 Tori Quinn           Rebecca VanLaeken
  Ashley Bull            
  Erica Evans            
 2016 Erica Evans (Tournament MVP)            
  Sami Franco            
  Taylor Giglio            
  Rebecca VanLaeken