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Campus Chronicles with Scott Jenks

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 09/29/2010
Scott Jenks
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The Ice Griffs got back into the usual swing of things this past week. The tempo was high at skates and workouts as we had extra energy from having the luxury of being able to sleep past 5:30 a.m.

It was a fairly taxing week in the classroom as some of the boys had their first tests of the school year, while others were forced to get over their fear of public speaking and presented projects to their class. Matt "The Genius" Zuke and I did the latter this week as we expertly taught our class all about the ins and outs of the management side of a couple failing airline companies. Exciting, eh?

The classroom wasn't the only place where the boys learned this week, as there was plenty of teaching going on at the rink. It was systems week on the ice as the many new faces on our team got a look at the overall blueprint of our systems while returnees were introduced to a couple new aspects. We spent the little time we had with the coaches doing numerous reps of our new systems to insure it was etched deep into our minds come game time.

We also had time to run through a few battle drills to get us out of summer hockey mode and back to the reality of contact hockey. Summer scrimmages, or "shinny" as we call it, sometimes cause bad habits as skaters get used to throwing sauce passes, trying new dangles and essentially throwing all defensive play out the window.

The team was very active in the community this weekend as we all gladly volunteered our time to help others. On Friday night, Taylor Anderson, Christopher Forsman and I had the opportunity to valet park for an event held in downtown Buffalo. It was great to get the chance to park some pretty fancy cars. It was also entertaining to watch Taylor panic every time a car pulled up because of the chance that it could have a standard transmission.

On Saturday morning the entire team got into the volunteering spirit as we participated in Community Day with a few other Canisius teams and groups. The boys were split into three groups to go to three different sites. One group did landscaping for Habitat For Humanity, one group moved furniture at a church, while another group got the cushy job of sorting cookies. The mystery of who assigned the groups was solved as soon as we saw Captain Phil and his housemates pile into the van bound for cookie sorting. Well played, Phillip.

Saturday afternoon the boys were invited over to Coach Smith's house for a team dinner. Before supper was served, some of the boys spent time in the backyard throwing around a football while others sat inside and watched college football. Being from a small town in New Brunswick where there is no, nor has there ever been, any sort of football programs, I have a hard time getting in the football spirit. I suppose it doesn't help that I am clueless about any of the rules. Dinner was served and once again Coach's wife, Dr. Smith, outdid herself with an outstanding meal.

Another week has come and gone here in Buffalo, leaving us with only one week before our first game. We couldn't be more excited about our team this year and we cannot wait to take the ice together next Sunday and prove to ourselves that all of our hard work this off-season was worth it.

See you at the rink,
Scott Jenks, #3

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