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Campus Chronicles with Scott Moser

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 10/19/2011
Senior Scott Moser
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I'm sitting on the bus back from the wealthy state of Connecticut as I write this, currently watching one of the worst movies ever made. The first three picks by the freshmen were good, but this one is just terrible. It's supposed to be a comedy and an hour in I still haven't heard one guy laugh.

The bus is a little hot and it smells of 25 guys who just played a hockey game and took a postgame shower with soap from the Dollar Tree. I've tried to fall asleep about five times but there's no chance I get comfortable. My underarms resemble something of a Florida swamp and my seat is right next to the bathroom door.

We had some growing pains this weekend and dropped both of our games. I look over at Dan Morrison. He is sleeping with a cat mask over his eyes and his hoodie tied tight around his face so only his nose is visible for breathing. Those who aren't sleeping are texting friends, family or girlfriends or checking GPS to see how much longer until we are home. We will arrive around midnight after this eight-hour ride; some of us having seven hours of class tomorrow.

Our team, like most other college teams, comes from all over. We all came to Canisius for an opportunity at a first-class education and an opportunity to play high-level hockey. It is losses and bus rides that can make us forget that sometimes. It's being put on the goal line to skate suicides when we ruin a drill, or cramming in a paper for a Sunday night deadline that can do the same. This can be said for 6 a.m. ROTC Training and night class from 6-9 pm after a full day as well.

So while we learned a lot this weekend in our losses ,it obviously still stings. We played a very good team in Quinnipiac and were given an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We're all pretty sore and tired, just wishing we were in a bed right now.

There are always the moments guys wonder if it's all worth it. Couldn't I be playing video games or something right now? Then I look over at Dan Morrison who is now curled in some sort of hibernation position, snoring louder than the engine of the bus, and laugh. Yes, it's all worth it. Tomorrow is another day. And tomorrow we get to play hockey. Can't complain too much about that.

Until next week, keep your head up.
Scott Moser #24

***HOME OPENER Thursday at 7:05 vs. RIT. Hope to see everyone there!

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