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Campus Chronicles with Scott Moser

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 11/23/2011
Senior Scott Moser
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Two ties and a loss this week. What to do about two ties and a loss? I'm not sure. In our loss to Lake Superior State, we clearly outplayed our opponents. Even-strength we controlled the play but just weren't able to cash in on our chances and we made some defensive errors. Our two ties, one against Lake Superior and one against Niagara, we also played well. Both games could've gone either way but they didn't and the teams split the two points.

So what to do about two ties and a loss? Nothing really. Just move on to next week and build on the way we have been playing.

This week is obviously a week to give thanks, so win or lose, the team will be thankful they are able to play the great game of hockey. In addition, everyone will also have some individual things they are thankful for.

First off, Chris Barrea will be thankful for having me as a roommate. I keep him on his studies and make sure he gets to bed on time every night. I remind him to get a bite to eat before practice every day so his tummy doesn't hurt, and I field all of his mother's calls when he loses or breaks his phone every other week.

Ben Danford and Ryan Bohrer will be thankful for each other. For anyone who didn't see their Video Chronicle a few weeks ago, our "Minnesota Twins" would be lost without one another. I'm not sure who they would hang out with, eat healthy with and brag about Minnesota hockey with if it weren't for their interesting and special bond.

"Scorrey" Lindsay will be thankful for his hot stick last week, which led to him scoring our only goal in two games. While his fake handlebar mustache may have distracted opponents, his tough, Winnipeg farming hands led him to a week of stardom and a catchy new nickname.

Patrick Sullivan will be thankful for the cooler weather that is coming with fall. "Simple Sully" will soon be going into his caveman stage where he rarely shaves or cuts his hair and wears the same winter hat every day for four months. If anyone has a question regarding this or any other topics involving life just ask Patrick around campus or the rink. He will reply with a smile, a giggle, and no words.

Lastly, I will be thankful for my parents. My mom will be making a Thanksgiving feast for the team Thursday and my dad will be following whatever orders she gives him throughout the day. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today and I'm sure all the players on the team could say the same about their parents. So Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy your time with family and friends this week.

Until next week, keep your head up.
Scott Moser, #24

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