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Campus Chronicles with Scott Moser

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 11/29/2011
Senior Scott Moser
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For those that have seen our players around the rink or around campus this last month, they may have noticed something different about us. Some guys look completely different from their normal selves while others just look a little "off".

The reason for our change in style is the month of November, or "Movember", as many men call it. The greasy or sometimes over-the-top mustaches that we have been growing were grown with a purpose. Yes, most of us realize we don't look good sporting a mustache and understand we may stick out in a crowd or get some weird looks from peers, but our mustaches were grown with a purpose and support a good cause.

"Movember" is a tradition that helps raise awareness for men's health - most specifically prostate cancer. Breast cancer awareness receives a lot of national attention, especially in October, and with good reason. However, many people do not know men dedicate November to raising awareness for men's health.

Though prostate cancer tends to develop in men over the age of 50, it is the second-most prevalent cancer found in men next to lung cancer. "Movember" aims to raise awareness for men's health and encourages men to get checked annually for diseases such as prostate cancer. So next November when you see a hockey player or any other man sporting an uncharacteristic mustache, know we are doing it to support our fellow men!

Next on the agenda: SWEEEEEEEEEP!!!!

Over my four years of playing college hockey, I've learned completing a weekend sweep of a team is extremely difficult. Sweeping a foe on the road is even tougher. I've never been able to put my finger on exactly why it is so hard to get that second win, other than the obvious that whoever loses the first game will give everything they have to not lose two. Whatever it is, sweeping, especially on the road, can be a rare but rewarding feeling for any team.

Winning two hard-fought, 2-1 games against AIC last weekend was a great accomplishment for our young team and a good feeling knowing we have gotten off on the right foot in league play.

I'd like to thank my parents for hosting the entire team for Thanksgiving last week. Three 25-pound turkeys proved to be enough and the entire meal was delicious. It was also nice to see my neighbors, two of our biggest fans, Ryan and Zack Kates, stop over at the end of the night. This weekend brings two more road tests against a very good Holy Cross team. Holy Cross knocked us out of playoffs last year and we will have to play great this week if we hope to get any revenge.

Until next week, keep your head up.
Scott Moser #24

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