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Campus Chronicles with Scott Moser

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 12/06/2011
Senior Scott Moser
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‘Tis the season fans! Christmas is almost here! While we would never overlook our upcoming games this weekend, guys know it is a short time until they are able to go home for Christmas. Holiday break is only a week long for our players but it is a big deal for guys to be able to see friends and family back home during their only mid-year break. With going home brings Christmas lists and gifts. So here is a taste of some of our guys' wishes to Santa, an annual Chronicle tradition.

Torrey Lindsay - The best hair on the team doesn't come without a price. $100 worth of hair wax will be found in Torrey's stocking.

Braeden Rigney - City life has been different for Braeden. While he is in no way sheltered, I'm sure he misses some sense of home. He is pretty simple and will ask for a cup of country dirt.

Carl Larsson - Carl is lucky enough to sit next to a clean, fresh-smelling teammate in the locker room (myself). I've been sensing some envy regarding this which is why he will ask for some AXE body spray.

Preston Shupe - It wouldn't make much sense for Santa himself to ask for Christmas gifts, so Preston won't have a list. He will spread his annual Griffs cheer with hoodies and broken sticks to the youngsters of Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Tyler Wiseman - This kid always needs company. If he isn't texting or Skyping, he is trying to find someone to talk to. Tyler would be happy with a Christmas full of Facebook friend requests.

Taylor Law - Taylor is a pretty simple guy. I feel as though he doesn't ask for much, if anything, in terms of Christmas presents. His only wish this year will be for teammates to stop calling him "Laser".

Dan Morrison - There are only a couple common pregame beverages for elite athletes, which include water and sports drinks (ie: Gatorade). Dan has never been a follower and his choice of game day beverage is no different. Mo will ask for a year's supply of Diet Coke.

Logan Roe - Our Florida boy resembles more of a California surfer than anything. He is usually on his own schedule but finds a way to make it to every team function ... somehow. Logan's first wish will be for a personal assistant.

With Christmas approaching quickly our team's wish will be for two wins to wrap up the first half of our schedule. Dropping both games last week to a Holy Cross team who simply outplayed us, left a bitter feeling. There would be no better way to enter winter break than to bounce back with a great weekend against two conference foes. We will be at home against Mercyhurst this Friday at 7:05 and would love to see everyone out to support!

Until next week, keep your head up.

Scott Moser #24

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