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Campus Chronicles with Scott Moser

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 01/04/2012
Senior Scott Moser
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Everyone enjoys fresh starts. These usually come during a new chapter of one's life such as a new school year, a new job, etc. For our hockey team, coming back from Christmas break always feels as though it is our chance at a fresh start.

While we built a strong foundation with the work we put in the first half of the season, coming into the second half of conference play with 18 games under our belt is a refreshing feeling. We entered the year with a young team but the experience we gained in the first half will prove valuable and should help our playoff push in the coming months.

During the school year, our days are pretty packed - probably more so than most people know. Between class, homework, meetings, lifts, practices and games, Division I athletes balance a schedule that is no joke. The end of the first semester can be a huge relief for most, with exams and papers piling on in the final two weeks.

A week home with our families gave us some time to re-energize and our team was back on December 26th for our first practice of the second half. Yet, what is underrated in coming back to Buffalo during winter break is our time to relax. With no school on our plate until January 17th, the team is able to spend some quality time at the dorms and at our off-campus houses. Aside from game days, most afternoons during winter break simply consist of a practice and a lift or cardio session.

Everyone likes to spend their time off their own way. Being someone who is close to home, I am able to see my parents and my six-month old niece a bit more, along with some old friends from high school. In addition, every winter break I find a love for movies I don't have the other 11 months out of the year.

Other teammates, such as Chris Barrea and Pat Sullivan choose sleep as their main hobby over break. I heard Jordan Mustard the other day saying he will use his break time to enhance his skills in the popular video game, Call of Duty. Ryan Bohrer, well, he can be seen doing homework. Yes, homework. The legendary student who finds nothing less than a 4.0 acceptable was seen writing a four-page paper yesterday in our living room. Classes are currently not in session. I'm not really sure what else to say about that.

While we enjoy our time off we continue to work hard on the ice, as the rest of our season will consist of strictly conference games. With every point carrying so much meaning in the final standings the next two months will be a battle in Atlantic Hockey. We will travel to West Point, N.Y. this weekend for two games against Army before returning for a much anticipated six-game homestand. Until then, I will wrap myself in a blanket at my college home on Hughes Ave., watch some low-quality films and pray our heat stays on.

Until next week, keep your head up.

Scott Moser #24

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