USILA All-American
2008 Adam Jones  
MAAC Player of the Year  
1996 Cort Knodel  
MAAC Offensive Player of the Year
2006 Kevin Ross  
MAAC Faceoff Specialist of the Year   2008 All-American, Three-time All-MAAC selection, Adam Jones
2013 Mike Moran    
MAAC Goaltender of the Year  
1998 Kevin Rozo  
MAAC Rookie of the Year
2007 Tim Rowley  
2008 Nick LoCoco  
2012 Tim Edwards  
All-MAAC First Team
  2012 MAAC Rookie of the Year, Tim Edwards
1996 Cort Knodel, Attack    
1998 Mike Sturiano, Midfield  
  Kevin Rozo, Goalkeeper  
2000 Mark Miyashita, Midfield  
2003 Greg Campbell, Midfield  
  Mark Miyashita, Attack  
2004 Kevin Ross, Attack  
2006 Kevin Ross, Attack  
2007 Tom Hensel, Midfield  
  Kevin Ross, Attack  
2008 Adam Jones, Midfield   2000, 2003 All-MAAC First Team selection, Mark Miyashita
  Nick LoCoco, Attack    
2009 Adam Jones, Midfield  
2010 Adam Jones, Midfield  
2011 Dan Coates, Defense  
  Simon Giourmetakis, Attack  
2012 Simon Giourmetakis, Attack  
  Ryan O'Hagan, Defense  
2013 Tim Edwards, Midfield  
2014 Adam Donner, Defense  
  Tim Edwards, Midfield  
      2006 MAAC Offensive Player of the Year, Kevin Ross
All-MAAC Second Team    
2004 Tom Kucharczak, Goalkeeper  
2005 Dan Carey, Attack  
  Kevin Ross, Attack  
  Matt Vinc, Defense  
2007 Michael Blocho, Attack  
2008 Michael Blocho, Attack  
  Tom Hensel, Midfield  
2009 Matt Barkas, Defense  
  Nick LoCoco, Attack  
2010 Matt Barkas, Defense   Two-time All-MAAC selection, Matt Barkas
2012 Tim Edwards, Midfield    
2013 Adam Donner, Defense  
MAAC All-Rookie Team
2013 Vince Gravino, Attack  
  Billy Jacobbi, Attack  
  Rich Stapleton, Defense  
2014 Jeff Edwards, Midfield  
  Lewis Vaccaro, Midfield  
MAAC Championship MVP
  2008 MAAC Championship MVP, Chris Courteau
2008 Chris Courteau, Goalkeeper    
2012 Jimmy Haney, Attack  
MAAC All-Tournament Team  
2003 Mark Miyashita, Attack  
2004 Kevin Ross, Attack  
2006 Kevin Ross, Attack  
2007 Angus Dineley, Goalkeeper  
  Kiel Illg, Midfield  
2008 Chris Courteau, Goalkeeper  
  Michael Ferranti, Defense   2012 MAAC Championship MVP, Jimmy Haney
  Matt Hajek, Midfield    
  Adam Jones, Midfield    
2012 Sean Callahan, Goalkeeper    
  Jimmy Haney, Attack    
  Brendan Murphy, Long-Stick Midfield    
2014 Tim Edwards, Midfield    
  Nick Tuttle, Midfield