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MAAC Offensive Player of the Year  
2010 Samantha Good  
MAAC Defensive Player of the Year
2002 Kelly Sieber (Co-Defensive)  
2004 Jess Stackhouse (Co-Defensive)  
2006 Jess Stackhouse  
2007 Jess Stackhouse (Co-Defensive)  
      2010 MAAC Offensive Player of the Year,
Four-time All-MAAC Selection
Samantha Good
Three-time MAAC Defensive Player of the Year,
Two-time All-MAAC Selection
 Jess Stackhouse
MAAC Libero of the Year
 2010  Allyson Severyn  

 2014  Emily Litwin  
MAAC Rookie of the Year
1995 Shannon Jordan (Co-Rookie)  
2003 Mary Boller  
MAAC Coach of the Year
1991 Denise LaRusch  
2003 Cathy Hummel   2003 MAAC Rookie of the Year,
Two-Time All-MAAC Selection
2003 MAAC Coach of the Year,
2008 MAAC Coach of the Year
2008 Cathy Hummel   Mary Boller Cathy Hummel

All-MAAC Selections
1991 Maggie O'Brien  
1992 Kara Fadel  
  Maggie O'Brien  
1993 Kara Fadel  
1997 Shannon Zaranek  
1998 Erin Oveis  
1999 Erin Oveis (Second Team)   Two-time All-MAAC Selection
Kara Fadel
Two-time All-MAAC Selection 
Erin Oveis
2003 Leigh Launhardt (First Team)  
2004 Kim Hoffman (Second Team)  

  Christina Wildes (Second Team)  
2005 Mary Boller (Second Team)  
2006 Mary Boller (First Team)  
  Jess Stackhouse (First Team)  
  Leigh Launhardt (Second Team)  
2007 Jess Stackhouse (Second Team)  
2008 Morgan Ammons (Second Team)  
2008 Michelle Godfrey (Second Team)   2004 All-MAAC Selection
Kim Hoffman
2004 All-MAAC Selection
Christina Wildes
2009 Samantha Good (Second Team)  
2010 Samantha Good (First Team)  

  Allyson Severyn (Second Team)  
2011 Danielle Brawn (Second Team)  
  Samantha Good (Second Team)  
2012 Samantha Good (First Team)  
  Allyson Severyn (Second Team)   
2013 Emily Litwin (Second Team)  
  Kaitlyn Tyler (All-Rookie)   
2014 Rachel Kline (Second Team)  
  Emily Litwin (Second Team)  
2015 Lauren Siebert (First Team)   
  Kaitlyn Tyler (First Team)  
MAAC All-Tournament Team
1990 Maggie O'Brien  
  Lynn Pitirri  
  Rachel Stone   Two-Time All-MAAC Selection
Leigh Launhardt
2010 MAAC Libero of the Year,
Two-time All-MAAC Selection
1991 Margaret Heitzhaus     Allyson Severyn
1992 Kara Fadel  
1993 Maggie O'Brien  

  Kara Fadel  
1993 Michelle Green  
2006 Mary Boller  
2008 Brittany Gerde  
2010 Allyson Severyn  
2011 Janelle Davis  
2012 Samantha Good  
      1993 MAAC All-Tournament Team Selection
Michelle Green
2008 MAAC All-Tournament Team Selection
Brittany Gerde