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Campus Chronicles with Ben Parker & Braeden Rigney

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 10/03/2012
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With the start of our season coming at the end of this week, all of the guys are itching to get into game action. Our long awaited exhibition game is this coming Sunday. All of the guys have been working hard in order to be ready to play against Ottawa. The month of September has been pretty grueling in order to assure that everybody is ready to play and I am sure I speak for everyone in saying that October could not have come fast enough.

With the start of a new season comes several new faces to our dressing room. This season, our freshman class includes five guys - each bringing their own unique set of skills and personality to our team. Here is a look at our freshmen:

Stephen Miller- A really nice kid and definitely the most talkative of the freshmen. He and Tyler Wiseman have created a special bond. He has a really hard shot and good hands to go with it. Looking forward to seeing him in a game.

Matt Backhouse- Matt is the Griff who resides closest to the Arctic Circle in Thompson, Manitoba. He has great hands and is a smooth skater. Fun fact: Matt played in two Royal Bank Championships, winning it last season.

Adam Harris- Easily the best guitar player among the freshmen. A tall goalie that moves really well in the net. The B.C. boy has drawn comparisons to assistant coach John Daigneau in the looks department.

Ralph Cuddemi- Ralph is skilled forward who skates well. His hair usually looks immaculate and he has been working on mastering parallel parking every day in order to get the best possible parking spot in front of the cafeteria. On a serious note, I am looking forward to seeing him play.

Chris Rumble- The Griff with the fastest growing hair. When Chris goes missing, chances are he's in the cafeteria where he spends several hours a day catching up on the local gossip. I'm sure Chris will be a great player and teammate.

So that's an in-depth-look at our freshmen from a player's perspective. We're all excited to have them join our team this season as they are a great group of guys. I'm pretty impressed with how they've blended in with our team already.

Until next week, keep it simple,
Braeden Rigney & Ben Parker

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