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Campus Chronicles with Peter MacDougall

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 11/25/2008
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It’s crunch time in Griffville and finals are just around the corner. My time away from hockey this week was spent mostly at the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library. During the time away from my house, a natural disaster of some sort hit my bedroom. Being a neat freak, it was just another component to add to my stress level. All kidding aside, the team was coming of a successful sweep of UConn and confidence filled the dressing room as we prepared to travel east to Waltham, Massachusetts to face off against the Bentley University Falcons.

Friday night found us falling behind the Falcons by two goals as we headed into the third period. As we sat in the dressing room, we were optimistic that a come-from-behind victory was possible. The third period found us hitting the ice running. Scoring early in the period, the team was gaining confidence. With just over five minutes remaining in the game, Carl Hudson knotted the contest at three a piece. However, the Falcons would reclaim the lead shortly thereafter and the team would fall short of victory.

With the standings atop the Atlantic Hockey league being tight, we knew that we had to win Saturday night to stay in second place. With Bentley scoring early in the contest and then notching two more in the second period, it became more and more clear that the hockey gods were not on our side, falling 4-2 to the Falcons.

Being stuck on a bus for hours on end, you would be amazed at what runs through a guy’s mind. Whether it’s thinking about the family back home or about the load of homework that awaits your return to Buffalo, your mind wonders. As we talked over the order of which movies we were going to watch, a thought came to me: How did I come to meet these guys?

Going through the midget ranks and then on to junior and currently college hockey, I have met a lot of teammates, friends and comrades along the way. With each of us having our own story to be told, it is hard to believe that because of a “dream,” we are united as one. From British Columbia to Saskatchewan to Manitoba to Ontario to New Brunswick to Washington to Illinois to Missouri to Minnesota to Michigan to Pennsylvania to Alabama and finally to New York, we were once scattered across the globe with only one thing in common, a “dream.” I could not have imagined that I would share so many laughs, stories and tears with men that were total strangers to me only a short time ago.

In closing, as stated previously, my teammates and I were brought together because of a ”dream.” Due to our family and hockey backgrounds, the parameters of that dream are different for each individual. Although we stand together in battle, the story behind that dream is what sets us apart and makes each of us unique... and an important part of the Griffin Hockey Family.

This is your captain here, over and out
Pete MacDougall

Did You Know ...
Dave Churchill, Spencer Churchill’s father, is a Platoon Chief for the Branford Fire Department?
John Anderson, father of Taylor Anderson, served 24.5 years in the U.S. Air Force, working in such positions as, missile operations, squadrant commander of 500 soldiers, and a professor at Air Command and Staff College?

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