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Campus Chronicles with Peter MacDougall

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 01/27/2009
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As our plane touched down in Buffalo last Sunday, reality set back in. As Ryan Klusendorf, Jason Weeks and myself returned to our home on Hughes Avenue, we were welcomed backed by a waterfall flowing from one of our heating radiators into the suite below us. While we were off in Colorado facing off against Air Force, our heating system had a minor malfunction that led to a big mess. The remainder of Sunday and Monday would be spent cleaning and repairing the heating system so we could take off our winter jackets when we were in our house and stop using my closet as a deep freeze.

When the handy man delivered some of the repair materials, I believe he also left a little extra for the guys in the house, the flu bug. Throughout the week, my roommates and I battled with our health, hoping to get back to 100% by Thursday when rival Rochester Institute of Technology would roll into town. Unfortunately, Jason Weeks was unable to get over his stint with the flu and missed the game.

Coming off a sweep of 15th-ranked Air Force Academy in the previous weekend, the guys were feeling pretty good about themselves heading into Thursday night’s contest. However, RIT would weather the storm early and often, jumping out to a 4-1 lead heading into the third. Being a team that prides ourselves on our, “Never Quit Attitude,” the team felt that if we could get some timely goals in the third that anything could happen. Unfortunately, we would only get one of those goals on this night and the game would end in a 5-2 score.

Due to scheduling, it worked out that the second game of our home stand against RIT would not be until Sunday afternoon. This gave the Griffins a chance to regroup and find our “A” game again. This past Saturday was a little different than that of a normally scheduled week. Instead of having hockey on the mind, we had a heated game of bowling. The team took a step away from the rink and played an America vs. Canada bowling match. Not trying to make any excuses for the Canadians on the team, but up in the great white north we have five-pin bowling...none of this 10 pin, Freddy Flintstone stuff. Due large in part to our inexperience with the 10-pin game, the Canadians would fall 9-5 to the U.S.A., even if Eric Rex tried his very, very best to intentionally lose the game (scoring a whopping 50 points for the US side). This was a little different then the recent World Junior Championship where we saw Canada win gold and I can’t even remember what the U.S finished, fourth or fifth?

All kidding aside, it was time to bring it on Sunday and that’s what the men did. In front of 1,600 fans, we put together what I feel was one of our best games of the year. The atmosphere and the performance made Sunday’s game fun to be part of. Doing a lot of the little things right and competing for all the loose pucks, the guys left it all on the ice. With two late goals in the third period, RIT would be victorious on this day winning the game 4-3. We were not satisfied with the result but were pleased with the effort, knowing that we are going to be battling for a top-four spot in the AHA standings and will need to turn it up another notch in our remaining 11 games.

This is your captain here, over and out
Pete MacDougall

Special thanks to the C Block for showing up in full force this past week and special thumbs up for the great signs at the arena on Sunday.

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