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Campus Chronicles with Peter MacDougall

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 02/04/2009
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Coming off a weekend where the Griffs saw RIT roll into town and all but steal four points, this past week seemed to feel like it had slowed down to a crawl. Knowing that we had distanced ourselves from our goal of staying in the top four of the Atlantic Hockey Association standings, the men were anxious to get back into action and prove that we are a better club than our record indicates.

Turning the corner into the final weeks and games of the regular season, we are at the point where the wear and tear of battling week in and week out begins to settle into the muscles and minds of any athlete. Settling back into the final semester of my junior year also adds to the stress on my body. Looking for a little pick up I called my sister, Mare, to help ease my anxiety. Being one of three older and wiser siblings in my family, she brought up a point about a quarterback who would be participating in the XLIII Super Bowl. Mare talked about how Kurt Warner, the 37 year-old Arizona Cardinal quarterback, also has retired stock boy at a grocery store on his resume. Mare told me a little more about Warner’s unlikely story and it helped to give me some perspective. This man who is on top of the professional athlete world had to struggle and strive to get there and it made me think about how much Warner must truly cherish every single day that he plays in the NFL.

As our conversation carried on, she began to talk about how just yesterday, or so it seems, she was a junior, playing hockey at Mercyhurst College. “You are the point in the season where the days are short and the year seems long. Soon enough, the real world will begin and the days will be long and the years will be short,” she said (sounds complicated doesn’t it). She turned back to the example of Kurt Warner and how she has heard him speak about his struggles to get to the NFL being such a blessing because he tries to appreciate every day, even when they are filled with things he doesn’t necessarily enjoy (can you say Monday conditioning skates anyone?) Feeling like I had just talked to a priest and confessed my sins, I thought to myself that I need to do a better job appreciating the days as they come and the time I have with my teammates on a day-to-day basis.

Well enough about me and more about Griff Hockey business. Sacred Heart Pioneers were next on the schedule and the team was looking to rebound from a hard-fought weekend. Similar to the way Warner’s career had its’ ups and downs, the weekend was a bit of a roller coaster for the team but ended the way the Griffs wanted. Giving up two goals in the second period on Friday night, the team was forced to battle hard in the final 20 minutes. Tying the game up at 3-3 very late in the third was an accomplishment we are proud of and while an OT win would have been great, the team left the game was focused on capturing 3-of-4 points on Saturday.

On Saturday, the second period would be the difference. The team had the gas pedal floored and would not look back, scoring four of its five goals. With the game ending in a 5-1 score, the Griffs are confident heading into Mercyhurst for a makeup game Tuesday night (lake effect snow cancelled out contest prior to Christmas).

This is your captain here, over and out.
Pete MacDougall

Did you know...
Kurt Warner was third on the University of Northern Iowa’s quarterback depth chart until his senior year?
The Pittsburgh Steelers have now won six NFL Championships, the most Super Bowls of any franchise in the NFL?

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