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Campus Chronicles with Peter MacDougall

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 02/17/2009
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Friday morning, its game day, the men roll out of bed and get ready for school, like we have done time and time again. With my sister, Courtney, visiting from Saskatchewan, we began the day with a coffee from Tim Hortons. It was at that point, around 9 a.m. that I heard of the tragic news. Flight 3407 bound for Buffalo from Newark, New Jersey, would change life in Western New York for ever.

As the realization of such a horrific accident began to settle in around campus, the routine game day conversation amongst the men turned from hockey to life itself. With hardship hitting right in the backyard of Buffalo, the relationships with victims aboard Flight 3407 became evident.

At first, the reaction was that of shock with everyone in the community, and across the world for that matter, waiting and hoping for some good news. As the heroes (the first responders) arrived on scene and began sifting through the crash site, the odds of any good news became less and less likely.

The understanding of just how precious life is was on everyone’s mind Friday. For many people, the last day of the business week was spent evaluating themselves and the relationships with their family and friends. With such an incident happening so close to home and affecting so many people we know, shock waves were sent through Canisius.

Similar to the Golden Griffins hockey team in such a dark time, the community of Western New York looked to and relied upon each other for support in a time of mourning. The realization of how quickly one’s life can be altered has brought a proud group of people together to help each other through these tough times. Although the effects of this tragic accident will be evident for the weeks, months and even years ahead, I have seen how proud the citizens of this community are to call Western New York home by the way they have supported and consoled one another.

Such an incident has, once again, reminded us all that there is more to life then hockey. With such a horrific event happening so close to home the importance of a successful weekend sweep for the Griffs has been put on the back burner. The minds of the men were not so much on the AHA standings but instead on the relationships that define our lives. With many family and friends waiting for us after each game, the time with these individuals was more meaningful than ever. The hellos, goodbyes and I love yous would not be taken for granted this time. On behalf of the entire Canisius College Men’s Ice Hockey Team, I would like to pass our condolences to all the family and friends of the victims of Flight 3407.

This is your captain here, over and out.
Pete MacDougall

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