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Campus Chronicles with Chris Rumble

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 01/21/2014
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We’re back. There has been a long gap of silence since our last post, but school and hockey have both coincided once again to form the second semester.

Christmas break is always a good time for everyone within the organization to have some time and space away from each other. We tend to drive each other a little crazy over the course of the year… For some guys, returning to school means their time as Golden Griffins is nearing its end. As underclassmen, we all recognize this and are trying to make these last few months are as enjoyable as possible for the guys who have been here the longest.

The start of a new semester is always interesting for one main reason: new classes. Everyone wants to get into the classroom and pick up where they left off. Plus, getting to know your new classmates is enjoyable. In this week’s video, you’ll get to see which guys like taking classes with who and why; pretty-good stuff.

Since break has ended, we’ve finally had a few home games. This is also a unique semester because it will be our last time at the rink the team has called home for 14 years. The construction of the new rink (HARBORCENTER) in downtown Buffalo has been exciting for everyone involved. It is really moving along quickly.

This week is Spirit Week at Canisius and all of the athletes get involved in supporting each other. We have a game at home on Thursday against Mercyhurst. They’re at the top of the league and have only lost one game in regulation. It was to us. They will be full of fire and it will be a good game as it always is between us. We hope to see you all out at that game. Thursday, Jan 23 @ 7:05 p.m. at the Buffalo State Sports Arena.

Once again we thank you all for the continued support.

Until next time, Keep your stick on the ice

Chris Rumble

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