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Campus Chronicles with Chris Rumble

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 01/30/2014
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Here we are after another week in the season. The days seem to be flying by lately as the end of the season is in sight. Only 10 games remain before our inevitable playoff run begins. That makes the rest of these games our primary focus. Everyone knows this is the time to get hot. We want to get on a roll at the right time like we did last year.

This past weekend, we had a couple games against Mercyhurst. These guys obviously have a sour taste in their mouths after we knocked them off in the finals last season, so we knew it would be a bitter battle. They sit in first place right now- with their only loss of the season coming from us. The first night we stayed tied all night until we scored a goal with 3:23 remaining in the game. I don’t have to look that number up because it is a time that will stay in my mind forever. There’s three and a half minutes left. That should be it; we’ll shut them down like we had been doing all game for another couple minutes and boom, game over. Think again. They scored three goals on us in the next three minutes and twenty-three seconds. Leaving us with one of the most distasteful losses of the season.

Two nights later we got our chance at redemption. It was an awesome game. For the first time all year we really had a different feeling on the bench. We took over the game and everyone felt confident in their own way. That’s when the game starts to feel like it did when we were younger. A sense of carefreeness and like nothing can go wrong. The game ended with an empty netter by Ralph Cuddemi (Dog). Something about that net being empty at the other end of the ice really elevates his game. You’ll have to ask him about that. He’s slowly filling the shoes of our last year’s empty net king; Preston Shupe.

This week we take off for the final road trip of the season. AIC will be a tough opponent for us and we’re taking all appropriate measures to make sure we head back to Buffalo with four more points added to our record. Anything less will be unsatisfactory.

Check out the video from this week’s shootout- a tough loss for Stephen Farrell. Good thing he likes lemons.

See everyone next week. Home game on Saturday night against Niagara. That will be a good one. Thanks for the continued support!

Keep your stick on the ice,
Chris Rumble
America One
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