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Canisius Strength and Conditioning Internships

Internships are currently available for graduating seniors who have a desire to enter the profession of Strength and Conditioning. Our program is designed to be highly interactive with both athletes and coaches. Our interns level of initiative will determine exactly how much they get out of the internship. Interns are required to fulfill the job description set forth and complete projects as set up by the intern director and Canisius College. Overall, it is very comprehensive and designed to prepare interns for job market and an entrance level job.

A Student Intern should be committed to the profession of strength and conditioning; and as such, be willing and eager to participate in all facets of program development. A part of this responsibility is continued learning and a search for any information that can enhance the program. The student will learn to establish themselves as a coach among the athletes and will conduct him or herself accordingly. Developing a positive rapport with athletes, while maintaining a professional distance, is required. A student's actions and verbal communications are reflective of the Canisius program both socially and professionally. The student will treat all coaches, administrators, visitors, and athletes with the greatest respect; and always put forth a positive attitude.

The student will serve as a member of the strength and conditioning team. The student will report directly to the Director of Strength and Conditioning, and will work under the supervision of, and take direction from the strength and conditioning staff. The student will be expected to follow through to completion any responsibilities given to them by their supervisors. A working relationship will be maintained between the strength and conditioning staff that facilitates open communication between all parties.

Contact Information:
Jon Rowan
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
KAC @ Canisius College
2001 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14208

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