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Campus Chronicles with Ben Parker & Braeden Rigney

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 09/26/2012
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Chronicle #1
Hello everyone and welcome back to a new season of campus chronicles. This year, the chronicle will be a dual effort by myself, Braeden Rigney, and my partner Ben Parker. I am a sophomore from Singhampton, Ontario and Ben, a senior from Port Perry, Ontario and together we will keep everybody up to date with the on and off ice activities of the Canisius College hockey team.

A sincere congratulation goes out to former campus chronicle writer Scott Moser who received a graduate position with Canisius College athletics. Scott, as many people know, was a two-sport athlete and along with being the captain of last year's hockey team, he was also a member of the golf team.

Another congratulation goes out to hockey alum Dan "Mo Money" Morrison on his recent engagement to his long-time girlfriend Joanna Burt. Dan is continuing his education at Canisius and will complete a dual major in accounting and finance this year.

The Griffs hockey family welcomes five freshmen to the team this year. Three out of five freshmen are Canadian and the remaining two are both Americans. For a team that welcomed 12 freshmen last season, it has been a breath of fresh air to have very little turnover from last season.

Over the past two weeks, the team has been skating everyday along with our regular workouts and classes. In order to improve team camaraderie, we have been doing team activities every Saturday. First, the boys put their bowling skills to the test - only to be outdone by Coach Smith, who appears to spend his weeknights at the local bowling alley. The following Saturday saw a much different venue as this time we tried Go-Kart racing and mini-putt. The overall winner is still unknown as captain Preston Shupe finds a way to cheat in every game we play. New captain Torrey Lindsay has been known to keep watch over Preston's cheating ways.

Last week, the Griffs were once again put through their paces with the annual ROTC Army training. Waking up at 5:30 to push a cargo van through a course made in Woodlawn Cemetery proved to be pretty difficult. ROTC puts a capstone to fitness testing as the guys are now able to look forward to what will be a great season. ROTC and Griffs hockey share a very good relationship and it has been great to be able to see how they train every day.

All of the guys are very excited to get the season off and running, something everybody has been preparing for all summer. As was proven in the fitness testing results, everybody came back to school in great shape. Improvements were made by all of the returning players based on last year's fitness testing.

In closing, Ben and I look forward to bringing weekly updates on the activities of Griffs Hockey to the campus chronicle. As always, Griffs Hockey thanks all of the support we receive from fans and to those that follow our progress throughout the season. To our new readers, you can follow us on Twitter @GriffsHockey. We look forward to seeing everybody at the rink this season as once again, your support is greatly appreciated.

Until next week, keep it simple,
Braeden Rigney & Ben Parker

Chronicle #2

With another week in the books and still two more weeks remaining in the preseason, the Griffs Hockey team took the opportunity to not only come together as a team on the ice but also off the ice. The level of intensity on the ice once again increased this week as the thought of the season becomes a prominent thought in every player. Players not only worked hard on improving their individual skills but team systems became an important topic this week as the boys collectively showed great strides in the teams' offensive and defensive concepts.

This weekend featured another team competition as the players tested their skills on the volleyball court. Everyone was present for the event accept for our Swedish friend Carl Larson - Carl could not attend as he was busy honing his driving skills. Although Carl felt a little out of place as the average age at the driving course was approximately 16 (Carl recently turned 21), he none-the-less is now closer of reaching his goal of occupying a U.S. driver's license. None of us question the driving ability of our "Euro" friend but it will be good to know that he can hopefully drive fellow teammates to the rink without concerns for safety. Carl must now successfully pass the road test before any thoughts of entering the driver's seat in North America become prominent.

For the rest of the boys the volleyball game was very exciting and competitive as teams were broken into our respective houses, which always offers bragging rights to the winning team. Unfortunately for me, the village boys brought a sub-par performance and finished at the bottom of the field and ended with a perfect record that resembles that of the 2008 Detroit Lions. The team comprised of the Duggan/140 Loring boys came out on top with a convincing victory over the Hughes team in the final.

Later that afternoon the team attended the Canisius volleyball match where we realized how lackluster our actual skills were. With a game that featured a neon clothing theme, players changed the focus from their skills to their bright appearance and no one's outfit disappointed. We all cheered with great enthusiasm as the girls beat the visiting Loyola team in convincing fashion - not losing a single set. This alone made the unorthodox dress code worth the time as we were able to witness the girls improve to 3-0 in their conference play.

Not only is it great to see the success of the volleyball team, but many of the Ice Griffs went to support the men's soccer team, who is off to the best start in the program's history. The men won in convincing fashion with a 3-0 victory over visiting St. Francis. With a small-school population, support from other athletic teams becomes very important and all of the players on our team have taken that to heart as we make a diligent effort to attend any sporting event that we are able to make it out to.

As the boys ramp up for their exhibition game against Ottawa University on October 7, continuous improvement on a daily basis becomes a major theme as nothing less than a valiant effort will be expected by the Coaching staff as well as all of the players.

Once again thank you for all our your support and until next week Keep IT Simple,
Ben Parker and Braeden Rigney.

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