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Campus Chronicles with Ben Parker & Braeden Rigney

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 11/14/2012
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This is the month that girlfriends and moms hate. Being almost two full weeks into the month of November, many of the Griffs are now casting a dark shadow on their upper lip. "Movember," as it is known is about raising awareness for male cancers by the growing of mustaches.

All of the Griffs are taking part by growing any kind of mustache they want. For instance, Taylor Law is growing a handlebar mustache that many Harley-Davidson Motorcycle riders would be jealous of, Tony Capobianco is growing the classic "cookie duster" mustache, very similar to the one worn by Ron Burgundy, and Doug Beck is sporting the classic "Grade 8 peach-fuzz" mustache. Hopefully by the end of the month we will all have something to show for a mustache and by way of donations for this good cause.

Another very important part of November is the remembrance of the sacrifices of the men and women who fought for and continue to fight for our freedoms. In Canada, we refer to November 11 as Remembrance Day which is symbolized by the wearing of a poppy on our chest. This season, all of the Griffs, no matter their nationality, wore poppies on their suit jacket to games in order to pay tribute to all veterans, both American and Canadian.

Every one of us gets excited to play hockey, no matter our opponent, but playing against Niagara University this Friday night on home ice is something different. The rivalry between our two schools brings a little more excitement to the dressing room every day at practice this week. Everybody wants the bragging rights that come along with winning the Battle of the Bridge just as our school did last year.

We had three intense games against Niagara last season and I am sure that the rivalry will continue on Friday night. Several of the Griffs have played with and against many of the players from Niagara throughout junior hockey so there is a familiarity between the players as well. Hate is a strong word but I would say that if there was any team that I had that much dislike for, it would be for the guys wearing purple and black, or whatever their second color is. I am sure that our freshmen will feel the same way after Friday night.

As this month rolls along and our mustaches grow thicker, for some of us anyways, it really is pretty amazing how quickly this semester is moving. In less than a month we will be in final-exam mode and as a team we will have played a good number of in-conference games. Who really cares though, today is Wednesday. Soon enough it'll be Friday and that's all we really care about right now. Come watch us fight for two points.

Until next week, keep it simple,
Braeden Rigney & Ben Parker

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