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Posted Sunday at 4:07 pm

We've packed up and are on the road heading back to Buffalo. It's always tough when the season comes to an end. Against Siena today, the Griffs played a very competitive match. In talking with the Siena SID after the match, he was impressed with how well Canisius played. Siena was very good today. It's very tough to come out of a 2-0 hole, but the Griffs gave it a good run. They were going blow-for-blow with the Saints in the third and fourth sets, which were very entertaining.

The Griffs had a very successful season, getting to the MAAC Championship and experiencing it. That can never be understated. If Canisius can get back next year, they will have the experience learned from this year and the advantage of playing at home as Canisius is hosting the 2009 MAAC Volleyball Championship.

Posted Sunday at 1:03 pm

Uni watch moment of the match: Sarah Podlesh wearing long sleeves. I've seen her wear that in practice. One player in the league who I've seen wear the long sleeves is Allison Nieters from Iona.

There is definitely a chill in the air here, with a draft blowing directly on me.

Posted Sunday at 12:14 pm

Greetings from courtside here at UHY Court at the Alumni Recreation Center on the campus of Siena College. The team has just come out for warmups at its customary time of 50 minutes remaining on the clock.

It's been a quick, but not rushed, morning for the Griffs. The team had a breakfast buffet this morning in the hotel restaurant. Then the team went to Mass in Father Dugan's room before heading out for the gym at 10:30. 

A benefit of bringing Father Dugan to the game was getting to park in the VIP lot. I'm not sure if I was supposed to park there, but when Father Dugan said the words of "Team Chaplain" that got us prime parking. It's not as cold as it was on Saturday here in the Albany area, but it's still brisk.

A live video webfeed of the match is available through There is a subscription fee.

Time to get ready for the match. Go Griffs!

Posted Saturday at 9:23 pm

The team is back from the awards banquet and had just got out of its team meeting. Congrats to everyone who was rewarded for a season of hard work.

A funny story from the banquet, I knew all of the winners. The league gives us the release prior to the actual event, telling us it's embargoed until 8 pm. That way, the SIDs in the league can write the release and not have to wait until later in the night. If anyone leaks it out, we could get in trouble with the league.

The coaches in the league know this practice and when Coach Hummel came back to the table after accepting her award, she immediately pointed at me. She hates surprises and we've gotten her twice in the last week once tonight and at last week's Niagara match with the presentation for her 100th career victory. 

The banquet food was solid. A wide variety of salad, fresh fruit, salmon, shrimp skewers, chicken and penne. It was topped off by apple pie at the end. There was some discussion at our table if there was going to be dessert since it wasn't on the buffet, but I felt confident with the presence of the dessert fork on the table. We were rewarded at the end.

That's all from cold Albany. It's bitter here with very few clouds in the sky. There is no snow. Breakfast is at 9 and the team departs at 10:30.


Posted Saturday at 5:57 pm
ALBANY The team arrived at the hotel around 1:30 and we’re able to get an early check-in for our hotel rooms. The Crowne Plaza is one of the best hotels in the league. The beds are extremely comfortable and it’s a very nice hotel. There are some minor renovations taking place in the lobby and down on the lower level at the pool.

The team had practice over at Siena at 4 pm and will then be getting ready for the banquet. I will be heading over to the banquet with Father Dugan and assistant coach Randy Syracuse. Surprisingly, this will be my first ever trip to the campus of Siena. Last year with women’s basketball, we played downtown at the Times Union Center and had no reason to get to campus.

For lunch, we had Jimmy John’s. When coach Hummel told me that at practice on Friday, I didn’t even need to look at the menu. I knew exactly what I wanted (#16 Club Lulu, or a turkey sub with bacon and mayo). We had those in college and they are delicious.

Time to get ready for the banquet. The awards will be up around 8 pm.

Posted Saturday at 12 pm
UTICA The bus departed the upper Koessler Athletic Center lot just after 8:30 am Saturday morning. One new member of the travel party is Father Dugan. A fixture at Canisius volleyball home matches, Father Dugan is making the trip to support the Griffs in the MAAC Championship. For those wondering, Father Dugan’s chair that he sits in at Canisius volleyball matches is under the bus.

The trip has been fairly routine so far, so routine that the first movie was The Incredibles. I don’t understand what female student-athletes like in this movie, but I see it numerous times every year. They enjoy it so much that all of them, except for Sarah Podlesh who was doing homework in the front of the bus, were all asleep for the majority of the movie. It was quite humorous to see Jaxon Hummel crawl under the outstretched legs of the team to get his Gatorade before getting dropped off with the grandparents just outside Rochester.

One side note at our stop in Port Byron, I noticed the addition of Big Buck Hunter to the rest stop. I guarantee the athletic communications staff will be stopping there on the way to the basketball MAAC Championship in March to play Big Buck Hunter and consume Shamrock Shakes.

We’re in our second movie My Boss’s Daughter, a romantic comedy. The brief snow that we ran into between Rochester and Syracuse has stopped. It looks pretty cold out there, a great day for football!

I’ll have updates later as we’re scheduled to get into our hotel between 1:30 and 2.