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Sophomore Chris Rumble

Campus Chronicles with Chris Rumble

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 10/23/2013
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An off-week. No games were scheduled this weekend for the Griffs. This left an open slot on a Friday night for all the guys. We used this opportunity to get to know each other better – on a different level.

Over the course of the summer, the team was urged to read a book titled “Become a Person of Influence.” It is basically a self-help book on understanding your personality and those around you. We all read the book and took a lot away from it, translating those pieces into our hockey personas.

On this particular Friday night, the author of the book, Gordon MacFarlane, made a trip to Canisius College for a chance to work with our team. We spent the night learning about the book in much greater depth and eventually took our own personality test.

There were a series of questions that elicited different situational outcomes. Each guy chose and recorded their answer until all 24 questions had been answered. The next step in the process was calculating what letter your personality type would be categorized under. In this case, there were four options: D, I, S, C [DISC]. After everyone had figured out which personality they fell under, we split ourselves into our respective groupings.

It was very interesting to see which guys you shared similar personality types with! Here are a few that really stuck out to me.

D- this group is known as being DOMINANT. They want to WIN. They are TASK-ORIENTED. They are DEMANDING. DETERMINED. One of the guys in this group that I remember was Ralph Cuddemi. He is a D.

I- this group’s main adjective is INSPIRING. They are INFLUENCING. They like to be INTERACTIVE. IMPULSIVE. IMPRESSIVE. However, their flaws include the inability to focus and a track record of being illogical. Cody Freeman was a good example of this grouping. Before you finish a question of “Do you want to go?” It is noted that he will respond with a yes before any further details are divulged.

S- this group is described as being SUPPORTIVE. They like to be APPRECIATED. They’re SENSITIVE, SWEET, SHY, and SWEET. Only one guy on the team fell directly under this category. Give a warm welcome to Mat Backhouse. A pure ‘S.’ A rare find. We’ve all adjusted to giving him a little hug every now and then. According to this, he needs it.

C- the smart guys. This group was full of our stud students. They are CAUTIOUS, CALCULATED, CAREFUL, CRITICAL THINKERS who are very TASK-ORIENTED. It’s easy to see how these attributes correlate to their studies. For C’s, school-work is said to come easy. We saw guys like Stephen Farrell, Logan Roe and Stephen Miller grouped into this category.

Tomorrow we take off for a set of games in Colorado. Friday night is against the Air Force Academy and Saturday night versus the University of Denver. It will definitely be an interesting weekend to see where we stand as a team. These are always both good teams so everyone is excited for the challenge. Only a little more than two weeks until our home opener on November 9 against Mercyhurst. See you all there! Thanks for the read and continued support.

Keep your stick on the ice,
Chris Rumble
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