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Campus Chronicles with Alexis Roskovich

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 04/08/2014
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A few words from junior Tori Greco…

What is nice weather you ask? To be honest, Canisius Women’s lacrosse doesn’t know how to answer that question… Coming from the team who has been wearing cold gear for the past four months we have had just about enough!

Our team has a love hate relationship for road trips. We love them because we finally get to get away from reality, but we hate them for the seven-hour treks that we have to make across the state of New York numerous times in one season. When our team is on the bus for too long we can’t help but lose our sanity, sometimes we refer to this as BUS FEVER. 

Our team has also become pathological liars, between Rosko trying to tell us that she had to take classes in order to get rid of her letter-opening fetish, Steph telling us that a harmless can collector was the one who stole her phone, or Ari claiming that she isn’t who we think she is.


We were spoiled this weekend on numerous occasions. Saturday the Ogden’s opened their home to the team and parents for an awesome home cooked meal.  Patrick, Caroline’s brother who I might add is a huge Griffs hockey fan, took full advantage of a house full of girls and showed off his 4-wheeler while giving rides around the neighborhood. Patrick is also the owner of a Guinea Pig named Nikki. Watch out Ogden family, rumor has it the Kotas sisters tried to kidnap said rodent. And it is confirmed Caroline is the human form of her yellow lab Brady.

When the sun comes out it doesn’t take long to pick out the palest of them all. Just 2 hours in the sun, during the game, team members such as Ashley Bull, Whitley Perry, Brenna Murray and Taylor Smith’s red hues came out and the aloe was distributed. As the sun set it was back on the road for the Griffs.

After a long day and a win under our belts naps were first on the agenda on the 7-hour trip home. After a few hours there was evidence of bus fever’s onset the first to come to the team’s attention was the experimentation of corn rows on Shannon Pelitera, a hair style she pulled off surprisingly well and suited her personality.  We arrived in Buffalo around 11 Sunday night, just enough time to get a good night’s rest to prepare for this week of classes and more MAAC play!

Just Keep Re’Laxing,

Alexis Roskovich

Huge congratulations to our very own Maria Kotas for her 14-point game against Quinnipiac making her tied for fourth in NCAA history, the most since 2007 and the first ever in the MAAC. 

And an even bigger shout-out and welcome back to Janae Guy, the road trip really wasn’t the same with-out you and your goat$$; we are all glad you are feeling better.

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