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Sophomore Alexis Roskovich

Campus Chronicles with Alexis Roskovich

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 05/06/2014
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Every 7:30 am lift, every 300 yard sprint, every timed Delaware run, every dreaded “get on the line” or “around the nets,” every 8 hour bus ride, every defensive shuttle, every full field drill that seemed came down to a 60-minute game on Sunday afternoon.

For the fourth consecutive year in a row your Canisius College women’s lacrosse team snatched the MAAC Championship title. Our nine-month campaign to become the first team in MAAC Women’s Lacrosse history to win the title 4 years in a row and the second in Canisius history was a success.

Most of us are still speechless, waiting for the reality of the 4-peat to settle in. Playing MAAC’s at home this year was incredible; the support we received from our fellow athletes and the entire Canisius community was unreal and truly appreciated. The chants the volley and swim Griffs came up with were something special to say the least and the support meant everything.

In addition to current Griffs coming out and supporting, a huge amount of CCWLAX alumni came out to help us clinch the 4-peat. The alumni are a big part of our program’s success and it felt good to not only win for ourselves, but for them too.

We were also able to convince coach Teeter into posing in front of the championship poster instead of his typical spot behind the team. With his location in place, Greco and Bull hoisted the water jug up from behind the poster and successfully soaked coach from head to toe. While the parents and our biggest ally in the operation, coach’s wife Jen, laughed and applauded our efforts. 

This weekend we were able to ditch the practice gear for the annual MAAC Banquet and Senior Banquet, two events that we start planning our attire to several weeks in advance. The coaching staff barley recognizes us without our ponytails and turfs.

The MAAC banquet is an opportunity to come together with the three other teams in the tournament while recognizing outstanding individual and team accomplishments on the field and in the classroom. We are proud to have several members make the MAAC All-Academic team and sweep the three major players of the year awards.

Our Senior Banquet is an intimate and special part of our program that has become a highlight every year. Every senior is honored and embarrassed by coach before giving a farewell speech. Every year underclassmen are warned that the four years go by way too quickly, a reality my fellow sophomores and I are starting to believe in and experience for ourselves.

Sunday evening we all meet in the video room to enjoy celebratory cake and watch the selection show for the NCAA tournament! After a series of drumrolls our opponent was released and we will be traveling to my home state of Maryland to play Penn in the first round at the University of Maryland. Although everyone is excited for the NCAA appearance I think I am one of few excited to make the approximately 8 hour bus trip, my fellow MD native Ari is also very excited to be back on the home turf (us Marylanders have an unexplainable amount of state pride).  

The NCAA appearance will give us an opportunity to reach our ultimate goal this season and advance for the first time in the NCAA Tournament. For the past two years we have just missed the second round, last year losing by one to Penn State and the year before that to UMass.  It will give us the chance to break the barrier that has held us from making the top-20. We are beyond excited for this weekend; personally, I wasn’t able to sleep last night in anticipation, which explains my writing at 5am (normally I don’t turn in the Chronicle for the week until 11 p.m., but I think this one will be emailed by 8 a.m.).

We will leave Thursday for our road trip to the University of Maryland, giving us just three days to reschedule our exams and finish up the semester…wish us luck! Late nights in the library and Tim’s ice coffee here we come!

Just keep Re’laxin,

Alexis Roskovich

Huge shout out to the Tailgate Diva and all the parents for really stepping up their Tailgating game this weekend! We hope to see you at the University of Maryland this Friday where we will play Penn in the first round of the NCAA at 4 p.m.

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