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Sophomore Alexis Roskovich

Campus Chronicles with Alexis Roskovich

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 03/04/2014
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HUGE, is the best word to describe our week! HUGE win, HUGE for the program, just HUGE…these were the expressions coming out of our mouths on Saturday. On Tuesday we got our first win of the season against Colgate and followed it up Saturday with a big win against Ohio State. Most of us are still letting the win settle in and it has been hard to wipe the smiles off our faces when we talk about it. It has always been a goal of the program and all of us individually to beat a major program like Ohio State and we finally did it. Coach calls us a mid-major program; we are always right there but have struggled to take the last step and beat a ranked team. Last year we gave teams like Boston College and Penn State a run for their money, but we still want to do better this season by beating a ranked team and our win against Ohio State is a step in the right direction.

Although Ohio State is not in the top-20 right now, they are a big name school and a program that has had several top-20 appearances. Being able to have a chance to win the game in the last five minutes is incredible and what we worked the other 55 minutes to achieve. The difference between the Ohio State game and other games we have played this year is that we played a full 60 minutes and most importantly, we played as a team. There were mistakes made and balls dropped on the field, but we had each other’s backs and were there to back them up when they needed it.

The practices leading up to both Colgate and Ohio State were less than desirable conditions to say the least. We braved the rain, sleet, snow and wind all in just one practice and the rest of the week did not get much easier. Later in the week the temperature seemed to be an issue and between classes and our practice time slot it didn’t seem like Mother Nature wanted us to play at all. We had to move inside for several practices and our Colgate game had to be switched to their home turf at the last minute. Even with the adverse conditions we managed to pull through and warm up, with the help of some very thermal heat gear and hand warmers.

It seems we have no problem having a great time in whatever situation we are put in, we had an extensive amount of time between arriving at Colgate and needing to take the field. So obviously the visiting locker room turned into an arena where freshman and seniors alike were able to show off their impressive dance moves, with the help of our designated DJ Tori Greco. Stand outs included want–to-be cheerleader Janae Guy and expert ‘wobbler’ Sam Bianchi. Shannon Pelitera wowed the crowd with her original routine, leaving many intimidated for her next move and Gabe Kotas let her emotion show through her dance moves. If you look at the photo album you can see it first-hand!

We play Louisville in little over a week giving us plenty of practice time to tighten up our systems and prepare to get another win under our belts!

Just keep re’Laxing,

Alexis Roskovich

“Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come from miles to watch you burn” –John Wesley, chosen by Senior Steph Schmalz

Also if you could send warm thoughts our way it would be much appreciated!

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