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Canisius Varsity Eight
Courtesy: Joel Furtek

Rowing Competes at the Head of the Genesee

Courtesy: Canisius College Athletics
Release: 10/05/2013
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The Canisius College rowing team competed in the Head of the Genesee Regatta on Saturday afternoon, with the Griffs Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight finished in sixth and seventh place respectively.

Syracuse took the top spot, followed by three Radcliffe crews and the Buffalo Varsity Eight. The Griffs’ two boats beat out the other three Buffalo crews.

“I’m extremely proud of the way we raced today,” said head coach Joel Furtek. “Our rowers laid it all out there for both races and our coxswains did an outstanding job. This week was a great exclamation point to our early fall racing, showing gains against many of the crews that we have raced against and against our own standards. Our whole team has moved so far forward in the last eight days of racing.”

The event was comprised of a 5k race in the morning and a 1500 meter sprint in the afternoon, with the two races being combined to determine overall finish. The Canisius Varsity Eight completed the 5k in 18:52, and the sprint in 5:35.

The Griffs’ Varsity Eight included junior Liz Reinwald, sophomore Nora Kennon, sophomore Corrine Kickel, sophomore Julie Sciandra, senior Liz McKinney, senior Amanda Kielich, Braun, senior Bridget Laszweski, and sophomore coxswain Hannah Blum.

“The day wasn’t without challenge,” Furtek said. “In the First Varsity Eight’s 5k head race [senior] Allison Braun’s oarlock popped open at the start. It was a rookie mistake – and she’s only been rowing for about 10 weeks, so we have to cut her a little slack – but she rowed with an open oarlock for 4500 meters. This is even more impressive than Rob Lowe’s recovery from the same incident in [the movie] Oxford Blues.”

The Second Varsity Eight finished the 5k in eighth place (20:06), but were able to reel in the seventh place finisher on the sprint, posting a time of 5:48 to move up a position.

The Second Varsity Eight was made up of sophomore Megan Walsh, freshman Erin Grim, freshman Jenni Vinci, freshman Amber Giambone, freshman Mikaela Braun, junior Libby Chentfant, freshman Liz Delbarba, senior Meghan Martin, and sophomore coxswain Jordan Bamrick.

“As I’ve come to expect, our coxswains handled the chaos of regatta day, the focus of racing and a difficult course aplomb,” Furtek said. “We’re fortunate to have Hannah Blum and Jordan Bamrick at the helm.”

The regatta was the third of four fall races the Griffs will compete in this year, with the largest looming. Canisius will now have a two-week layoff before traveling to the famed Head of the Charles.

“Seeing the great speed from Syracuse, Radcliffe and our neighbors from Buffalo, reminds us that we have our biggest race just two weeks away – the Head of the Charles,” Furtek said. “We’ll spend today and tomorrow enjoying the two best days in a racer’s life, and Monday morning we’ll get right back to aggressive training.”

The Head of the Charles will be on Oct. 19 in Boston, Mass.

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